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LivingSims Forum - Take me to the Movies [CLOSED]

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Full Version: Take me to the Movies [CLOSED]
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[Image: PjPta.jpg]

Film and television introduce us to new worlds, new neighborhoods, beautiful villas, and quiet cottages. They connect us to both the far away and the familiar. Bring a little bit of Hollywood magic into your sims homes, with this challenge by creating a room inspired by a tv or film space.

The Task
Take a movie or television still (photo) and use it to make an interior room. It can be a replica of the room or a reinterpretation of the room. If you don't know what still you want to use, I (or a moderator) can to provide you with an image.

Who May Enter
Anyone and Everyone

The Rules
  • You must make an interior room, not a garden or a building
  • You can use a movie exterior as your inspiration but you must make an interior room.
  • You must list the film or show & space/scene in that show or film that you are using as your inspiration
  • You must show the film/television still (photo) you are using as inspiration
  • You may enter up to three times
  • You may post up to ten pictures including an overview and link to an album with more (film still does not count as part of the 10 pictures)
  • You may enter in either TS2 or TS3

Movie Locations
Movie Stills
Apartment Therapy: Movies
Design Sponge: Films
Hooked on Houses: Movies

The challenge will be closed at the latest at 18th of July
Participation Prizes:

Thank you Moxxa for the Sims 2 prizes!
[Image: aPPaA.jpg]

Sims 3
[Image: GYvfm.jpg]

[Image: W4vMd.jpg]

Participation List
(I have a hard time telling the difference between Sims 2 & Sims 3 graphics, so if I mix you up, let me know)

Sims 2
-Moxxa Gossip Girl - Devil Wears Prada - CSI*

Sims 3
-Butterfly* The Shining
-LilyBox* Marie Antoinette
- sebausten* Out of Africa
-Erica* Practical Magic
-Saprophyte* Watchmen, 2nd entry Princess and the Frog
-Lylim6* Australia, 2nd entry, Inglorious Bastards
-My Sim Style *Sex in the City
-mandy*Marie Antoinette
-Seraphica *Friends
-Karinilla* Tru Blood
-Ballarose *Breakfast at Tiffany
-Eronoel Amelie
-Ninja Unicorn* Pushing Daisies
-aneck* Roseanne
-Emraldbffl * Gossip Girl

(p.s. if you have a * by your name but you have not received the PM with the prize, please PM me )
Yes! I have been waiting for this challenge to open Chair
Me too, me too!!! Now, I just gotta decide what do use... Smile
I would love to do this. I just have to narrow down my ideas for what movie to use. My husband is an old film buff so he will be really helpful!
Thats a wonderful challange! Can´t decide which movie/series i should choose....
Yeah!!! I was waiting for this one to open. Clap
Yay Smile
Oh I am definitely jumping on this one! I am going to do Holly Golightly's apartment in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Edited to add: I just saw that one of the participation prizes is a Breakfast at Tiffany's PosterHeart
I've got 3 rooms already lined up Wink The first is from Twilight...

...oh yes. I am that predictable Wink
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