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LivingSims Forum - Picnic in the Park - closing August 10th

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Full Version: Picnic in the Park - closing August 10th
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[Image: 2efqlpw.jpg]
I'm not really the typical outdoor man (woman), but now when the spring is here and the summer is waiting around the coner I find my self on the other side of the house wall. My sims also want to get some fresh air in their lungs but they have no park that is satisfactory enough, they are just bored with the parks that's allready in the town.

The Task
Create a park for the sims where they can relax, meet and enjoy the outdoor surrounding. Keep in mind how the layout looks depending on the theme/style. Is it a small park with a pond, is it a park with a lot of flowers (English gardens are a good inspiration source) or is it an architect gone wild? Be creative and think outside the box. Have fun! ^^

Different styles
  • English park
  • Photograph "copy" (you use an allready existing park and try to make it similar)
  • Nature reserve
  • Architect go wild
  • Tropical
  • Asian park
  • Equity opitions

The Rules
  • Maximum 10 pictures per entry. You may link to an album
  • Minimum 4 pictures including an overview
  • Pictures may be no more then 800 pixel wide
  • You may enter 3 times
  • 1 enter = 1 style
  • Have fun: Remember this is a challenge not a contest

This challenge will close the August 10th

Participation prize
If you want to donate a prize it is welcome

I love garden challenges, so this looks like fun!
After finishing studying for my exams today, I'm gonna build a park for this great challenge!

Edit: which is about now *throws books away*
I can't believe how excited I am over a gardening challenge! Bigsmile Can't wait to get started!
I have the perfect neighborhood for this, the residents are dying for a new park.
Figured I'd give this a go Smile

I went with an English Park for the theme, hope you like it!

[Image: Screenshot-286.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-277.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-273.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-274.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-278.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-275.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-281.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-282.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-283.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-284.jpg]
Beautiful garden Kim!

I just realized that we had this one pop out on us and now I'm all excited for a new gardening challenge!!
Kim, that park looks amazing, very child-friendly. Also a nice classic look :)
I love it, Kim, it's so peaceful and pretty.
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