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LivingSims Forum - LS Triple Trouble (Intro and rules) [closed for judging]

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Full Version: LS Triple Trouble (Intro and rules) [closed for judging]
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[Image: LSTripleTrouble.jpg]

A young couple bought a house in the suburbs. During her pregnancy with triplets she asked her parents to move in with the couple. The pregnancy passed and she gave birth to triplets. The parents stayed in the house and the whole extended family now lives together.
Readers, they need your help to decorate the rooms!

How will this work?
  • The contest will take place in 4 rounds, for each round we ask you to decorate 1 or 2 rooms.
  • We provide you a house for both games. You can download it or recreate the layout in your game.
  • There will be no application round, you enter directly in the 1st round.
  • After each round the judges will score the entries. We will eliminate half of the participants after each round. After round 4 the person with the highest score in that round wins.
  • Scores are not accumulative. You will be scored for each round separately.
  • The rounds will run from Tuesday to Tuesday, but the first round will be open longer.
  • Each round will be posted in a separate topic and the entries for that round should be posted in that topic. This topic is for general announcements and questions about the contest in general.
  • After each round the scores will be posted in the this topic and in the round topic. The best half will go on to the next round.

Who can enter?
Anyone on the forum can enter! Sims 2 or Sims 3.
Staffers may enter, but their scores will not be counted in the final round, so they can not win this.

You are of course welcome to use Heidy Heidy to ask for feedback in the topic. We will all try to give you feedback on your work.

What are we looking for?
  • Taste: We are looking for rooms that takes the taste of the people into consideration and who will use the room into account.
  • Realism: We are looking for realistic rooms, with attention to detail.
  • Creativity: We are looking for creative rooms with interesting ideas.
  • Photography: We are looking for well photographed rooms that looks really good in the pictures.
  • Style: We are looking for designs that fit the required style for the round
  • Requirements: Meeting the requirements of the round. Make sure you follow the rule and have all the required items.

  • Post 5-10 pictures of the room. One picture has to be an overhead picture.
  • Maximum 800 pixel wide pictures
  • No borders, text, heavy manipulated or special effects on the pictures.
  • No picture in picture
  • No heavy editing of the pictures is allowed. You may make slight changes to contrast, light and sharpness of the pictures. You may not add lens flares and effects like that.
  • The layout of the room, including door and window placement has to remain intact.
  • You may not add walls in the room. Half walls and fences are allowed. Objects that look like walls and are full wall hight are not allowed.
  • You may change the doors/windows/walls/floors.
    2/3 windows/doors may be changed into double/triple windows/doors.
  • Required items have to be visible in at least 1 picture.
  • You may edit your post until the deadline, but not after the deadline for that round.
  • If you have a question, ask it in this topic!

If you can not continue, after entering, in the contest for some reason, please let us know.

There will be no extensions and no exceptions, if you don't make it, you don't make it! No whining or pleading will be tolerated.

Ankuuh, LemonJelly, Sebausten & Macthekat will be judging the contest.

Sebausten will act as a host while I am out of town.

Please do not ask where items are from in this topic, please use the special WCIF area for contests

The winner and the runner up will both be featured in the magazine in the first issue after the contest ends.
The winner will get 250 points worth of items from the EA store
[We are looking for prizes]

Participation Prize*
Sixtyten from Awesims is donating a this prize. Thank you Sixtyten!
[Image: Preview.jpg]

Ninja Unicorn has donated this really cool painting set to the contest. Thank you!
[Image: pic1ly.jpg]

[Image: screenshot4gm.jpg]

[Image: screenshot6zk.jpg]

[Image: previewl.png]

[Image: preview1l.png]

[Image: preview2f.png]

[Image: preview3sf.png]

And for the sims2 players we have this pp!
[Image: part1.jpg]

[Image: part2.jpg]

[Image: part3.jpg]

*To receive the participation price: You must do 4 rooms for contest OR 4 rooms in Just for fun OR you do 4 rooms, some in contest, some in Just for fun.

If you drop out you will not receive it.

Note that the prizes will be handed over when the contest is over which means after the 9th, August.
The family

[Image: Screenshot-465.jpg]

Rachel Stevens and Michael Woodward met in college. It was not love at first sight. Michael kept laughing at the clumsy bespectacled Rachel but soon after the break between freshman and sophomore year, Rachel got rid of her glasses and Michael dropped his frat guy attitude. The rest is history, as they say, and they got married right after they graduated.

One of their first steps into married life was to look for a house where they could raise their family and grow old together. The perfect house was found in Sunset Valley. It used to be the old lighthouse and the guardian's home. Many repairs were needed but the couple knew instantly that this place had great potential and would eventually make a great family home. However, their enthusiasm was soon marred by sad news: they would never be able to conceive children by natural means. Needless to say this cast a shadow on Michael and Rachel’s happiness. The repairs on the old home ceased instantly and all their money and energy was spent on trying to find a solution.

After five years of unsuccessful attempts, they heard of Dr. Dixon's unprecedented success rates in medically assisted procreation. So they headed to Canada to meet Dr. Dixon; it was their last hope.
Long story short, Dr. Dixon turned out to be not only a great physician but also a deeply genial woman. Soon after, Rachel had the delightful surprise to learn that she was pregnant. Not with one baby, but with three!

Elation mixed with panic: three babies? Triplets? No way!!! While Rachel was hyperventilating and pacing the room back and forth, wringing her wrists, Michael phoned his in-laws.
Carol and Ned Stevens were overjoyed to hear the good news and they immediately offered their assistance during the pregnancy.

The nine months went like a charm - or so is the official version - but I will let experience or imagination do the rest. The charming triplets Katherine, Edward and Johanna were born!
Still feeling unable to cope with a triple maternity, Rachel pressed her parents to stay some more, which they accepted heartily.

Now came a problem; the house was still undecorated and Rachel, who loves patterns to distraction, could not bear the blank walls anymore.

Will you take up the challenge and help this family finally be completely happy?

Carol Stevens (Elder)
  • Family-Oriented
  • Natural Cook
  • Neurotic
  • Nurturing
  • Shy
Favourite colour: Brown

Ned Stevens (Elder)
  • Absent-Minded
  • Childish
  • Eccentric
  • Friendly
  • Good Sense of Humour
Favourite colour: Pearl

Rachel Woodward (Young Adult)
  • Clumsy
  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Natural Cook
  • Nurturing
  • Shy
Favourite Colour: White

Michael Woodward (Young Adult)
  • Born Salesman
  • Charismatic
  • Good Sense of Humour
  • Hot-Headed
  • Mooch
Favourite colour: Brown

Katherine Woodward (Toddler)
  • Artistic
  • Excitable
Favoutire colour: Green

Edward Woodward (Toddler)
  • Clumsy
  • Excentric
Favourite colour: Orange

Johanna Woodward (Toddler)
  • Neurotic
  • Virtuoso
Favourite colour: Green

The Sims are not available for download for Sims 2, but I am sure your Sims 2 players are clever enough to make them your self.
The house
The house is downloadable for both Sims 2 & Sims 3. You may build the house your self of course and there is overview pictures here that should allow it. The house is build in a fully patched game. The house is base-game compatible in both versions.

Credit to Moxxa for the Sims 2 version and for the layout!

Sims 3*
[Image: mac01.jpg]

Sims 2
[Image: ScreenShot006e.jpg]

[Image: Groundfloor.jpg]

[Image: firstfloor.jpg]

*There is a door missing in the sims 3 version. The door should be placed here
Participants List


Round 1: 19th July

Round 2: 26th July

Round 3: 2nd August

Round 4: 11th August

Round 1: See the actual scores
1. Jenba
1.(ex-aequo) Laure *
2. Sixtyten *
3. Lylim

Welcome to Round 2 (no particular order)
  • Zhaana
  • Protectron
  • Lhonna *
  • Aramourn
  • Kimjimbob
  • Lilymayrose
  • Deelightful
  • Speechless
  • Ninja Unicorn *
  • Baufive
  • Aprlrane
  • Saprophyte *
  • Fanieb
  • Naitomea_Sims
  • Oumamea
  • Adiboo
  • 404filenotfound
  • Lkadas
  • Admiralxapple
  • Rubika *
  • Breila
  • Madartist

Thank you for taking part in the contest! You are all welcome to post pictures of your rooms in the Just For Fun thread
EvaVonAsch, Esjai, KatCat, Rayne, Peachy, Gem, Peachbird76, Aneck, Morphead, Uhleeshuh, Merrynutlump, Szanne7000, LadyLucy, Bridelyn, Neoscat, PhoenixFire, Clarkkent, Amyynayy, PrincessJo, The Tacomao, Sarclev, Kiki264, Nathanaron, Allyroqs.

Round 2: See the actual scores
  1. jenba*
  2. Zhaana
  3. Lhonna*

Welcome to Round 3 (no particular order)
  • Ninja Unicorn*
  • Lylim6
  • Protectron*
  • Sixtyten
  • Deelightful
  • speechless*
  • admiralxapple
  • Laure
  • Kimjimbob
  • Adiboo

Thank you for taking part in the contest! You are all welcome to post pictures of your rooms in the Just For Fun thread
Rubika, fanieb, oumemea, Lkadas, Baufive, Aramourn, Breila, aprlrane, Saprophyte, Naitomea_Sims, 404filenotfound & Madartist,

Round 3 See the actual scores
  • Lhonna*
  • Protectron
  • Deelightful*

Welcome to Round 4 (no particular order)
  • Laure*
  • jenba*
  • Ninja Unicorn
  • speechless
  • Protectron
  • Lhonna

Thank you for taking part in the contest! You are all welcome to post pictures of your rooms in the Just For Fun thread
Lylim6, Kimjimbob*, Sixtyten, Zhaana, Adiboo, admiralxapple

Round 4 See the actual scores

  • Lhonna*
  • jenba*
  • speechless
  • Ninja Unicorn
  • Laure
  • Protectron

NB: Those of you with a * next to your name picked up a bonus point from the judges.

I can't wait to see the entries to this one! Good luck everyone!
Im sure the entries will be beautiful! Good luck!
Looking forward to everyone's talented entries!
So happy it´s opened. Can´t wait for some gorgeous entries!
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