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LivingSims Forum - Triple Trouble: Round 2 [Closed - Results published]

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Full Version: Triple Trouble: Round 2 [Closed - Results published]
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[Image: TTround2.jpg]

Decorate room "B" for the whole family

Sunset Valley, a house close to the sea... It was self-evident that the style should be coastal! A fresh look reflecting the sea, the beach, the seagulls; that's what Rachel and Michael are looking for. But not only that! The living room should be a room where everyone should feel comfortable; a nice room for everyone to gather in and have a good family time, even the three toddlers should enjoy playing there! Yet, ladies and gentlemen, the room had such gorgeous dark hardwood floor that the Woodwards insisted on keeping it!

Minimum requirements:
  • Dark hardwood floor
  • Seating for at least 7 people
  • 1 TV
  • 1 stereo

Style: Coastal (make sure to check out the link)

Deadline: 26th July 22.59 GMT
I have one teensy question, is it ok to change windows into doors or is that a no-no?
Eeee this round should be fun to watch!
d'oh, sorry seb, lol
Beautiful entry Protectron! We've used a very similar color scheme . . . here is my entry for round 2. I am originally from coastal New England - Beachy/coastal looks evoke an almost knee jerk reaction from me so this was more a challenge to not be New England cliche! Feedback is welcomed and good luck everyone!

moderatornote img removed because eric's photobucket got hacked

you can juuuust see the ipod dock on the shelves . . .

moderatornote img removed because eric's photobucket got hacked
Pro: Very nicely done. I think the family would be quite at home in your living room. It is very bright, airy and inviting, and I like how you didn't put emphasis on the TV. The toys scattered all over the place are a really nice touch!

Bau: Interesting layout, and I LOOOOOVE how you used the under the stair shelves to add storage space around the room. It's definitely a useful way to store, and more importantly, hide all those toddler toys. I really like it.
My game was being a horrible pain in the derrière so I'm posting now before I throw my computer out of the window.

First up, the overview.

[Image: contest2_round2_new_01.jpg]

Little seating area by the window right next to the kiddie corner. Enjoy the view while keeping an eye on the toddlers.

[Image: contest2_round2_new_06.jpg]

[Image: contest2_round2_new_04.jpg]

Rachel found that lovely wicker lamp on SimBay and thought it would fit the room like a charm.

[Image: contest2_round2_new_05.jpg]

One arch was replaced by a patio door as Ned felt it was too draughty in Winter. Some extra storage was added underneath the relatively child-friendly stairs.

[Image: contest2_round2_new_03.jpg]

[Image: contest2_round2_new_07.jpg]

The ladies of the house went a little overboard with the pillows.

[Image: contest2_round2_new_09.jpg]

[Image: contest2_round2_new_10.jpg]

The tv area and some handy storage space. The violin is waiting patiently for Johanna's virtuoso skills to kick in.

[Image: contest2_round2_new_08.jpg]

[Image: contest2_round2_new_02.jpg]

edited : dreamed my windows were all wrong (don't ask) so I changed them and took new pictures
Please excuse me while I babysit this thread!

Dee: Very beachy and nautical at the same time. I really like the under-the-stairs shelving unit, and the coffee table.
My post apparently didn't go through earlier but Dee that room is beautiful!!!
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