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LivingSims Forum - Bad Rooms 3.0 (Closing February 4th)

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Full Version: Bad Rooms 3.0 (Closing February 4th)
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[Image: Bad%20Rooms%203.jpg]
Credit: Banner and text by Saprophyte, Penthouse pictures for the layout by annyway

The city is full of life and extraordinary architecture but the interior design doesn’t always live up to the city’s glamour. One of these places is the Penthouse. It has a great location and because of its many windows it has a priceless view. The interior is another story though. It is bland and does not attract many buyers. The Landlord has therefore come to you in hope that you can give the Penthouse the makeover it deserves.

Give the Penthouse a makeover. Give it some life and personality! You can either use the penthouse in Bridgeport or build it from scratch but it must be on the second floor or higher. Scroll down to see the layout and location.

• You must keep the walls in the room where they are
• You may remove the halfwalls
• You must leave the positioning of the stairs, windows and doors where they are
• You may change the type of windows, doors, and the stairs.
• You may add windows
• You may add walls to the interior
• You may change all wallpaper/flooring/furniture
• You must have a place to cook, somewhere to eat, a living area and a bathroom
• Max. 10 pictures, including an overview.
• You may link to an album with more pictures.
• You may enter 3 times.
• You may enter with TS3 or TS2.
• Have fun!

Remember to add Heidy in your post if you want detailed feedback on what works and what doesn't.

Participation Prize
[Image: badroomPP.jpg]
By macthekat

This challenge will close February 4th
The Penthouse

[Image: Overview.jpg]

The Location in Bridgeport
[Image: On%20the%20map.jpg]

The Layout for TS2 and those who build it from scratch
[Image: Layout.png]
ohwell, that bad room really needs a makeover! Bigsmile
Yum! A penthouse!!! I´m all over this one! Smile
Oh yeah, that penthouse is in dire need of some lovin'! May I sign up for TS3 please?
beanhugger - you just jump in with your entry once you have finished the room, no need to sign up Smile
I did read the rules, I promise, I just have a couple questions about the stairs//bathroom area. Can we use a spiral staircase instead of the traditional ones? I know the rules say you can change the type of stairs, but they also state you have to leave them in the same spot, but spiral stairs don't take up as much space as normal ones. And for the bathroom, do we need to keep the tub or can it be a half-bath?

personally i'd prefer spiral stairs aswell but i'm not sure if we could use them.

as for the bathroom, i think you can delete the tub but atleast a shower should be in there.
admiralxapple, my friend and co worker Anny already replied to your questions, but I just want to say that we've now decided that we are not allowed to change the stairs into a spiral one. The landlord didn't approve.
And as for the tub, you are allowed to delete everything in the penthouse. You don't need to keep anything. But doors/stairs/windows/walls must be placed on the same spots as the layout shows. And with a bathroom we mean a toilet, a sink and a tub or a shower. Other than that you are free to do whatever you like Sun
I look forward to see your makeover!
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