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Full Version: Mirror, Mirror 2.0
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[Image: MirrorMirror2banner1.jpg]
Banner by Saprophyte

Do you really want to put your skill to the test? Or perhaps just challenge your self to really get better? Well then this is the challenge for you!
Photographies can be seen as mirrors of reality, we want you to step though the mirror and into your game...

Find a picture of a real room, or request one from Macthekat. Go ingame and try to recreate the room as closely as possible in game.
Here is the twist though: You have to create the whole room, not just what was shown in the original picture.
Take pictures of the room, include at least 3 detail shots of areas you are proud of and show them to us together with the original image.
Don't worry about the room being playable though. This is all about decoration.


• Include between 5 and 10 pictures. 3 has to be detail shots.
• You may edit your photos to adjust the colour and light in the pictures. Please do not add big borders or huge lens flares.
• Remember to show the original picture
• You have to create a whole room, not just the part shown in the picture
• Try to get as close as you can, but if you can't find just the right chair, go with one that is close in style and colour.
• You may use any picture of a real room that you want, but if you want me to find one I can, just ask for one but tell me your skill level so I don't find one that is way too hard or easy.
• Challenge is open to TS3 and TS2 players.

Remember to add Heidy in your post if you want detailed feedback on what works and what doesn't.

Participation Prize

This challenge will be closed: February 11th
i was waiting for this one to open. can't wait what people come up with Sun
Awesome!!! Mirror, mirror on the wall.... ah, lets start immidiatelly... can I get a pic? :D
[Image: gasl_drew_barrymore_home_01.jpg]
I'd like a picture Mac Sun
[Image: marieclairemaison.jpg]
Awesome - Mirror mirror is back. Smile

Can I have a pic please. I prefer that someone else chosses for me. Wink
[Image: habitaci%25C3%25B3n%2Bde%2Bjugar%2Bpinta...nco%2B.jpg]
mac, can i have a pic pretty please? arrr
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