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Full Version: Naitomea's World (update 15th February 2015)
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With TS3 I started to re-built my actual home ... a little smallhold in a little village (the front ends right on the main street of our village) and the TS3 version is a bit more countrified.
The real deal
[Image: IMG_4317_640_4.jpg]

The Simmified version:
[Image: Screenshot-35.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-21.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-38.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-39.jpg]

our koi pond
[Image: Screenshot-40.jpg]

Interior shots to come Smile
Welcome to the dark side - aka Sims 3. And that is so romantic and beautiful. I think your version looks more charming than the real house.
I agree with Mac (not on the dar side matter though, hehe)... Love the house.
It's true .. I love the simified version of our house better than the actual house LOL But give us a few years, and it will have vine and ivy growing up the front. But the court yard is spot on. It's our open living room in the summer months with lots of sunny spots for our animals to snooze in Smile
First I thought your real house is Sim too. Sun The blue parts look so unreal on the pic.
What makes the house on Sims nicer is the front yard I think. Can't wait to see the inside of your Sim version! I really love your house.
I think your version is much better than the original--it looks more realistic! Can I live there? :D
We continue our little tour of my simified home with the kitchen Smile

[Image: kitchen01.jpg]

[Image: kitchen02.jpg]

[Image: kitchen04.jpg]

[Image: kitchen05.jpg]

[Image: kitchen06.jpg]

[Image: kitchen03.jpg]

... and the living room .. and yes we have dark purple/aubergine coloured sofa and chairs but they are not so nice anymore as they are in the sims LOL ... decades of use and little dog paws have left their toll.

[Image: livingroom04.jpg]

[Image: livingroom06.jpg]

[Image: livingroom05.jpg]

[Image: livingroom03.jpg]

[Image: livingroom02.jpg]

[Image: livingroom01.jpg]
Una your pets pictures are soooo adorable Smile
I think your RL house is very pretty! But I love the countrified version too Smile
aww that is so cute! And what a clever idea to make a simversion of your home! I might steal this idea, if you don't mind giggle
I'm looking forward seeing more pics! Smile
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