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LivingSims Forum - Build from the Blueprint (Closing February 4th)

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Full Version: Build from the Blueprint (Closing February 4th)
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[Image: buildFromBlueprint.jpg]
Credit: Banner and floor plans by Macthekat

Making your own layout isn’t always easy. We have therefore made 9 floor plans for you to choose from. These serve as the first floor’s outer walls, the foundation can be bigger. It is then up to you to get creative and build a house based on that. We have also given you a few style examples that you are free to use. It is a bonus if you do!

The Task
Pick one of the floor plans we have provided and build a house based on that. The outer walls of the first floor must be the same as the floorplan you’ve picked, the foundation can be bigger. The second floor and up can be any shape you want. Use your toolbox to give the house character by adding Windows, doors, wall covers, roofs, balconies, railing, columns etc. You can add decorations from the buy menu and garden if you want to, but you do not have to.

The Rules
  • Max 10 pictures per entry. You may link to more in an album
  • Pictures may be no more then 800 pixel wide
  • You may enter 3 times
  • No pictures from the inside of the house is allowed (show them in sims x pictures or in your album instead)
  • The ground floor have to have outer walls that fits the floor plan you picked, but other floors may have any shape you want.
  • Foundations may be bigger. It is just the outer walls on the ground floor that have to fit.
  • You may remove/move the inner walls
  • You may turn or mirror the floor plan layout all you want.
  • You may add decoration from the buy meny, but you do not have to
  • You may do some gardening, but you do not have to
  • Have fun: this is a challenge not a contest!

Remember to add Heidy in your post if you want detailed feedback on what works and what doesn't.

This challenge will close February 4th
The Layouts

[Image: layout.jpg]

Suggested styles
i ws looking forward to this one and can't wait what everyone will come up with! Sun
Awesome challenge, Sap!!!
I will start, I have build this house based on blueprint 2. I wanted to build a starter and I was kind of wanting to do a minimalistic house, so this is what I came up with. It is not genius in any way, but I think it is a cool little two bedroom starter. Because I want it to be a starter, there are not a lot of plants on the lot yet or other details.

[Image: Screenshot-739.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-735.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-736.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-732.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-733.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-734.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-729.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-730.jpg]

And the overview
[Image: Screenshot-737.jpg]

I got two sims living there right now - lowing the price of the very basic furniture. Once I get it under 17.000 I will put it up for download.
Yay inspiration

I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and the challenge gave me the inspiration, even if I suck with buildings.

I chose to build a typical villa from the place I live. There exist MANY 'typical villas', all different, here, but I managed somehow to build one. Be warned, because it's a SPANISH villa, but not the sunny shiny ones you're used to. Spain is not sun and beaches, people! Here in the north we have lots of rain, horrible weather and amazing nature :P

I used layout 3

[Image: xl9pnm.jpg]

And this is what I did

[Image: 34nmzah.jpg]

[Image: 6xww86.jpg]

[Image: 14n1ndl.jpg]

[Image: 2hqvw8y.jpg]

[Image: 1tue4h.jpg]

Michelle, that looks great! I can really see the Northern Spain that you showed me the other day going on here. I think you got some great details here - like the covered walkway. The climbing wine is a great detail - it makes it feel really old.
Heidy To put the last finishing touches on this, I would suggest playing a bit with the terrain paint. Spray some summer grass under the hay, some darker grass near the house or some dryer grass under the archways. You will see that it makes a huge difference.
Thanks mac! Indeed this is exactly what I showed you the other day :D or at least I tried giggle

I see what you mean with the terrain paint. I'll have it in mind next time, I swear I just forgot! I tend to do that *shame*
macthekat, I'm usually not a big fan of minimalistic constructions, but I really liked your house!

Michelle, how to start ... I loved! makes me want to move to spain and have a house like this. Inlove
I will not make any comment regarding the construction because, well, I guess I'm more qualified to receive instead of giving. Bigsmile

Now, my entry ...
first of all, I must say that I am terrible at building (lack of creativity and skills sucks!)
But anyway, here are the pictures:

I chose the layout #8,

[Image: Screenshot-17.jpg]

The front:
[Image: Screenshot-21.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-26.jpg]

Sides of the house:
[Image: Screenshot-25.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-22.jpg]

The back:
[Image: Screenshot-24.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-27.jpg]

Not sure what style it fits, maybe bungalow? Criticisms and Comments would be greatly appreciated! Heidy

PS: Let's pretend the World is perfect and EA allows us to recolor the chimney. Doh
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