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LivingSims Forum - 60 minutes 2.0 (Closes the 29th of March)

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Full Version: 60 minutes 2.0 (Closes the 29th of March)
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[Image: banner.jpg]
(credits to annyway)

Many of us spend way to long deciding if the chair in the corner should be this or that blue shade or on figuring out if this little figurine is too much in an already cluttered room. We end up spending hours on a room. Do you have this problem and want to get faster at decorating? Well then this challenge is for you!

The Task
You have just 60 minutes to decorate a room from scratch!
Find a room you want to decorate. It can be in an existing house or in a new one, that is up to you. Delete everything in the room. Lay your plan for the room and start the clock. You have to stop working after 60 minutes and share the pictures. No matter how fare you are with the room.

Tips for decorating fast
  • Use an electronic egg timer or a phone to time the 60 minutes so it is easy to start/stop the time.
  • Have a plan before you start working on a room. Figure out what style you want and what kind of furniture you are looking for.
  • Work with what you got. Do not fall into the temptation of going off and look for a download somewhere. Be creative with the furniture you already have.
  • TS2: Use the collection folders to keep your clutter organized. Have folders for different room types.
  • TS3: Save the pre-sets you CASt on furniture. It makes it much faster to decorate then you don't have to CASt every single peice.
  • Have the categories loaded before you start - especially the textures in CASt (TS3) and category folders (TS2).
  • Start with the big furniture pieces. Then the smaller ones and do the clutter to make the room look finished last. This will ensure that your room look finished when the clock rings.
  • For the first challenge: Start with a smaller room - it will be easier to finish then a big one.
  • Have inspiration pictures at hand. Find some inspiration before you start so you can keep the style you want in mind and get inspired if you get stuck.
  • Do the decoration in one sitting. This is about speed, not perfection

The Rules
  • Please include the time you spend on your room in your post.
  • You may stop the clock when the game is loading something.
  • The picture taking and planing do not count toward the 60 minutes.
  • Any room type including gardens and community rooms are allowed.
  • Max 10 pictures per entry. You may link to more in an album
  • Pictures may be no more then 800 pixel wide
  • You may enter 3 times - in separate posts.
  • Have fun: Remember this is a challenge not a contest, you do this for you!

Participation Gift
Would be lovley.

You will get this nice shiny award for participating: [Image: %20Hurried%20Harry.png]

This challenge will close March 29th
Yay a second 60minutes! This challenge is so fun! Smile And congrats on hosting your first challenge, enjoy your new award! Sun
I love the 60 minutes challenges - they are so much fun! Get those egg timers ready!
Yay I didn't get the chance to work on the last 60 minutes so I think I'll make this a priority this time around.
This sounds fun so I think that I may just have to try it :D
:D Me too :P I will Saprophyte ! Thank you. Smile
Finally got a chance to work on this one. Being limited on time requires a night when the 2 year old goes to bed.

It took the full hour, and I didn't have time for curtains/wall art but other than that I think I'm really pleased with this one.


[Image: Screenshot.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-7.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-6.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-3.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-4.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-5.jpg]

Well done! Nod
It is looking very nice - I really like your wall colour!
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