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[Image: banner2_04_1.jpg?t=1326808311]
banner by annyway

So here you are, you have been saving up the deposit for months and finally you have the keys in your hand.
Yes its your very first Apartment! Okay so it may be a tad on the small side and you can hear the guy upstairs when he showers, but its all yours! No parents telling you what to do and no siblings fighting over the use of the bathroom. Now comes the fun part....decorating it to suit your style! With such a large deposit though it's left you a little short on simoleans.
Can you make your dream apartment on a budget? Well can you??

The Task

Download or re-create the apartment below. This IS a budgeted challenge but we are not giving you the budget! Decorate as if you have just moved out of home and are low on cash. Try to think of storage solutions for such a small space. Remember that ones mans trash is another mans treasure, secondhand items can be reinvented into all sorts of things. Tell us a little bit about some of your bargain finds!

The Rules

Max 10 pictures per entry. You may link to more in an album
Pictures may be no more then 800 pixel wide
You may enter 3 times
You may NOT remove or add windows and doors, but you may change them.
You may NOT add or remove walls.
You may change the wall texture and flooring.

Have fun: Remember this is a challenge not a contest

The Building:
by annyway
[Image: HomeTinyHome.jpg?t=1326986993]

[Image: HomeTinyHomeOverview.jpg?t=1326986995]

TS3: download (basegame only, no CC)

You will get this nice shiny award for participating: [Image: smallquaters.png]

This challenge will close on the April 19th

Participation Prize TBA

Remember to add your name to the list if you want to see Your Pictures in the Magazine!
We will be featuring some of the entries from this challenge in the next issue of LivingSims! So if you want to see your pics in there show us what you got Smile
I am grabbing the house right now! I am looking forward to playing with it!
Updated my game just for this challenge and just placed the lovely lotBigsmile
Question: Are we allowed (if we can figure out how to) to built a mid-level? My sim has a very handy love interest that would like to help her out for free with that...lol
Cat! Bear

Ummm that's a tough one, would you be allowed to build a mid level in a rental? I will have to ask the others and see what they think Smile
Kim sweets...Heart
Yes abit tricky maybe...hehe. If its a wooden construction thats easy to remove afterwards...hmmmmmm.
Just downloaded the apartment...will be off to decorate and upload with pics after I finish dinner. Can't wait to start Smile Awesome challenge btw !
Okay Cat you have the all clear for your platform! You can build temporary things so long as they are easily taken down when you move out Smile
Oh, this looks like fun. I have the week of school this week so, I think I will give this a go Smile
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