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LivingSims Forum - The Home of the Future - will close May 17th

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Full Version: The Home of the Future - will close May 17th
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[Image: the%20Home%20of%20the%20Future.jpg]

The Sims' planet is facing an inconvenient truth: the cities are overflowing with pollution and toxic waste. They have reached a point of no return, it is now or never to make a change! The leaders gathered for a desperate meeting and together they decided that it's time to get rid of the old and in with the new. Wind, water and sun are now the primary sources of electricity and the old cars are replaced with bio fuel and batteries. They have moved into the future but they still don't know how to make the everyday life more Eco-friendly. Their homes are filled with energy sucking supplies and nasty solutions. They need help and have called you to help them come up with a new type of home: The home of the future!

The Task
Build a model of an Eco-friendly home. You may put in some basic furniture, like counters/ beds/ sofa/etc but make it look like a model house (no personal clutter).
Please write a short description of what makes your house perfect for the new Eco thinking.

The Rules
  • Max 10 pictures per entry. You may link to more in an album
  • Pictures may be no more then 800 pixel wide
  • You may enter 3 times
  • You may put some basic furniture in the house but don't make it look like if someone is living there with a lot of clutter
  • Have fun: Remember this is a challenge not a contest

Remember to add Heidy in your post if you want detailed feedback on what works and what doesn't.

You will get this nice shiny award for participating: [Image: recycled.png]

This challenge will close May 17th
I am looking forward to seeing some green thinking houses!
OOH I just LOVE green architecture!! I will definitely work on this :D
So, here's my Eco House Sun

[Image: 1a-1.jpg]

[Image: 3a.jpg]

[Image: 4a.jpg]

[Image: 6a.jpg]

[Image: 8a.jpg]

[Image: 12a.jpg]

[Image: 11a.jpg]

[Image: 10a.jpg]

[Image: 27a.jpg]

More pics

What Makes My Home Eco-Friendly:
- Rainwater collection system
- Recycled wood & Concrete for exterior walls
- Bamboo flooring
- In the bathroom, recycled glass was used for the flooring
- Lots of windows
- Natural insulation used in walls
- Breathable waterproof materials for the roof
- Dishwasher in kitchen limits water use
- The electrical balance is in line with the environmental maximum
- Recycled fabrics
- In the kitchen, counters & cabinets were made using recycled wood; countertops were made from recycled-content (concrete mixed with recycled materials)
- Plastic PEX tubing in bathroom
- All windows facing west are laminated with a reflective solar film and low-E coating
- Low-VOC paints and water-based wood finishes
- Bathroom walls are also made from recycled wood
- Surrounded by trees

Heidy please Smile
This goes perfectly with the new town / world that EA just released. Great chance to remake yet another EA disaster...although these houses may actually be semi-decent. From what I've seen they're okay. Sun
This is a house made of recycled trucks. while the exterior is made of many different parts of trucks, the interior is wooden and cozy. The windows and doors are complete recycled metal. The house includes wind towers, an organic garden and ethanol fireplace in the bedroom. the flooring is recycled from old school desks and chairs, the paint of the house is natural and chemical free...

[Image: Screenshot-14-3.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-12.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-13-3.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-16.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-18.jpg]
Wow guys, adorable entries! Loved it!

drizzledeedoo: I just love the architecture of your house. The only thing I would change is the kitchen counters. I didn't like the wood in it. But that's all, just a matter of taste.

simoleontree: What a great house! So cozy! I would love to see that beautiful house decorated!

I'm doing my house right now and I'll post it latter! Great job guys!

Hey guys! So, I created my house. I have to say that I used a lot of imagination creating it. So I hope you all enjoy me and use your imagination as well.

The year is 2080. The Sims' planet was destroyed by themselves. So, they created spaceships and flew to outer space. Now they are in a strange alien world called Lunar Lakes, and they're using their advance tecnology to prevent from repeting the mistakes that lead them to destroying their planet. So, The Sims are designing eco-friendly houses and buildings. So here it's mine:

[Image: news.png]

There's not much space there, so they're building condos. And this is mine. It has 3 apartment plus penthouse and a pool. It's all very expensive there so this is a high price building.

[Image: t2.png]

They are now using solar energy everywhere, that's why these light panels are there. They function just like solar panels and at night they glow.

[Image: t3.png]

Also great views!

[Image: T8.png]

[Image: t6.png]

This is the model apartment. 4th floor (penthouse). Everything is white and there's light everywhere, even on the floor (The floor produces energy when you walk on it). The new designers are not using wood on their projects anymore because it's very expensive. Even fake or recycled wood.

[Image: t5.png]

Dining area and a touch of colour here and there.

[Image: t4.png]

The kitchen. Every room or space has it's own light colour. The kitchen is red. So, the floor has a little red light.

[Image: t7.png]
Study area. Very simple and minimalistic. No clutter at all!

[Image: T9.png]

The bedroom. No pillows or clutter. In the future, these kind of things are luxury items so you better bring your own before moving in!

So that's it. I didn't have much time but I hope you guys like it!
Heidy Bye!
WOW this is so imaginative! I love it! It really does look like a home in the future. Well done! Smile
simoleontree, great job!! I love how your house looks prefab and the view behind the house is so bee-yoo-tee-ful!! Yes

dudu411, that is awesome!! I love how it looks so futuristic and the colorful exterior is just spectacular!! Good job!! Smile
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