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LivingSims Forum - Moving in together (Closing May 4th)

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Full Version: Moving in together (Closing May 4th)
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[Image: movingintogether.jpg]

Moving in together can put a relationship to the test. Are you willing to compromise with your partner and accept that they have a right to their taste as well? Even if you don't like the vase from aunt Mina? Can you live with the orange sofa? And can you live with your mate being around all the time? If you can answer yes to that, then you guys have a shot! Help our sims couples to have a shot at a good respecting relationship.

The Task
Pick one of the couples below and move them into a house of your choosing. Decorate their house for them. You have to use at least one of each of the furniture they each bring to the house. Show us how you have used these furniture pieces. You do not have to show us all of the house. Remember to write which couple you are decorating for!

The Rules
  • Max 10 pictures per entry. You may link to more in an album
  • Pictures may be no more then 800 pixel wide
  • You may enter 3 times
  • Pick one couple and use all of their furniture
  • You may reupholster and paint the furniture that the couple bring
  • Have fun: Remember this is a challenge not a contest

Remember to add Heidy in your post if you want detailed feedback on what works and what doesn't.

This challenge will close the 4th of May

Participation prize
Donations are very welcome
The couples
Pick one of the following couples. Recreate them in your game or download them from here. The furniture shown under each couple are all base game one, so it is in your game somewhere.

Couple A: Alice & George
[Image: coupleA.jpg]
Alice, who is an artist, and George met at an art exhibition, she was there admiring the art and he was the caterer. They fell madly in love and have been dating for the last year. Now they are ready to take the big step and move in together. They know that they are very different so it might be hard but they are willing to gamble and are hoping for a jackpot. Perhaps you will help them raise the odds?

Alice Pyle
Traits: Artistic, brave, excitable, hot-head & slob
Work: Artist
Style: colorful and fun

George Hammonds
Traits Neat, natural cook, perfectionist, charismatic & heavy sleeper
Work: Chef
Style: Modern

Download Couple A - no CC included

Couple A's furniture
[Image: Screenshot-240.jpg]

Couple B - Tristan & Sachiko
[Image: coupleB.jpg]
Tristan met Sachiko when he picked up his nephew after school and was memorized by Sachiko - she was just so alive and vivacious, nothing like his banker colleges. He asked Sachiko to marry him after they had been dating for two years and he purchased them a house. They are moving in once they come home from their honeymoon and he has hired you to decorate their home so it is ready for them when they return.

Traits: Childish, good sense of humor, family oriented, lucky & absent minded
Work: Kindergarten Teacher
Style: Rustic

Traits: Computer wiz, ambitious, light sleeper, snob & great kisser
Work: Banker
Style: Traditional

Download Couple B - no CC included

Couple B's furniture
[Image: Screenshot-241.jpg]

Couple C - Alex & Annie
[Image: coupleC.jpg]
Alex met Annie when his car broke down last year. He had had a crappy day - one big string of bad luck all day from breaking his favorite mug in the morning to the car breaking down - so he was in a really crappy mood. When he walked into the garage he was met by this amazing creature who promised to fix his car - yes you guessed right,t it was Annie. Alex admires her tough-as-nails attitude and that she is always the life of the party. At first Annie did not notice him, but when he walked into the store for the third time that month, she figured he must be there for some other reason than the car. She asked him out to a go-cart track and the rest is history.

Annie Baird
Trait: Handy, athletics, grumpy, daredevil & party animal
Work: Car Mechanic
Style: Punk & Gothic

Alex Mayfeild
Trait: Dramatic/hopeless romantic, flirty, artistic, perfectionist & hydrophobic
Work: Fashion editor
Style: Modern & minimalistic

Download Couple C - no CC included

Couple C's furniture
[Image: Screenshot-242.jpg]

Couple D - Sims 2 (You may of course create them in Sims 3 but the download is for Sims 2)
[Image: coupleD.jpg]
Zoe's good friend Alice dared her to try online dating. Alice was tired of listening to her moping about that boy who got away. Zoe was not wild about the idea but gave it a try. Jort peeked her interest - he was building a web-portal for botanists after all. After talking about him for two weeks Alice talked Zoe into asking Jort out and he accepted. They met at a cafe and she insisted on buying coffee. When she put them down on the table, she accidental poured all of her coffee into her bag on the floor - which of course held her laptop. They laughed together and Jort, being the gallant man that he is, offered to fix it for her. Jort came by the following week to return the laptop and somehow they did not leave her flat that weekend. After that he more or less moved in. Now they want to have a place where they can both feel at home.

Zoe Lynn
Trait: Clumsy, Hopeless romantic, Schmoozer, Unlucky & Over-Emotional
Work: Flower store manager
Style: Shabby Chic

Jort Lynn
Trait: Genius, Computer Wiz, Great kisser, Bookworm & Shy
Work: IT-support
Style: High-tech

Download Couple D - no CC included - Sims 2

[Image: Screenshot-243.jpg]

Couple A
Couple B
Couple C

Couple D - Sims 2
This challenge is great! I can't wait to participate and see what everyone else comes up with! Sun
Mac I love the idea behind this challenge! Can't wait to participate :D
Love the challenge idea, will be trying it when I get home Smile
Couple A
Their new house was big enough that Alice could convert one of the rooms into an art studio where she can work and meet clients. The room even has it's own entrance. This space is all Alice's and you only see her taste in this space. In their living and kitchen area they both worked on the deco, but it is primarily George's overall taste that predominate this room. They decided that it was only fair since it would be his workspace at home. They are very happy with their mix of style and colour.

[Image: Screenshot-1811.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1804.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1812.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1816.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1806.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1808.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1809.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1810.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1821.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1814.jpg]
Gorgeous, Mac!

Wow, you´re fast! Love all the art throughout the house, and the colorful wallpapers... That is one beautiful house!
I agree - I love the accent walls and all the natural light. Smile
Mac, that mix is very successful. Lovely wallpapers! Inlove I really like it. The white is great to have as a base. It looks modern and nice. Sun
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