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LivingSims Forum - Sim Next door - Round 1 [Scores up - comments are welcome]

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Full Version: Sim Next door - Round 1 [Scores up - comments are welcome]
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[Image: simnextdoor_1.jpg]

The first sim to move into the new rowhouse project is Deana Riley, a young promising artist. Having sold her first paintings and establishing her own trademark she decided it was time to leave the security of her childhood home and get something for her own. This party animal wants her place to be perfect for her friends to hang around but also inspiring for her work: The best of both worlds!

[Image: Deana_Riley.jpg]
Download *optional*

  • Over Emotional
  • Social Butterfly
  • Party Animal
  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Artistic

Favorite color: Orange
Design Style: Eclectic and fun

Required items
  • 1 Easel
  • Comfy seating (sofa/armchair) for 5
  • 1 Double bed
  • 1 Bathtub
  • 1 Full figure Mirror
  • 1 Sun lounge chair

Remember to decorate the garden as well as the interior.
Good luck to you and don't forget to have fun with it! Happy02

Deadline 15th April

Round 1 Scores
YAY! A contest! And a great theme!! Can´t wait for the entries to start showing up!!!

*waits impatiently*
I have just one question dntknw *covers her head in case of bombs* ...

what's an easle? Do you mean an easel?

*runs for her life*

Oh, and another thing... should the sim be in the pics we post? Can we give the sims a makeover or should they stay as they are?
Yes you court the first spelling error
I think the sim can be in some shots but please not all.
As for the makeover, lets ask any
I was just asking because in other challenges and such the sim was required to be seen... I, personally, prefer if the sim is not there :D so I can focus on the furniture. I might give the contest a try, just for fun
Social Butterfly trait? Is this added by Showtime or is this something else?

Edit: It is added by Showtime. I use Charismatic instead since I do not own Showtime, probably wont for a long time from what I've heard about it.
Same here, but I hadn't checked if the sim works yet... Does it work if I don't have Showtime? :S
She does work, but you'll have to add/change a couple of things. I don't have Showtime, the clothing reverted back to vanilla and the Social Butterfly Trait was missing in the traits section, so I used Charismatic as the alternative.


Quote remove by moderator
Please refrain from quoting, especially to the post above yours.

Ack! Old habits die hard, sorry! ;-;
Ok thanks, I was going to give her a makeover anyway, vanilla hair is hideous sometimes
I think charismatic will work well as a replacement trait
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