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Full Version: What's in Store (CLOSED)
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[Image: challengebannercopy.jpg]

Where does your Sims family store their unused stuff? Well, we want to see it.

The Task
Show us an area that is used for little more than storage. It can be neat or messy or ready to be shown on Hoarders but it needs to be full to bursting with things.

The Rules
  • Minimum of 4 pictures and max 10 pictures per entry. You may link to more in an album
  • Pictures may be no more than 800 pixels wide
  • You May enter three times
  • Decorate an attic, basement, closet, disused room, shed, garage, porch, or other location filled to the brim with unused furniture, collections, holiday decorations, or what have you. This is a clutter lover's dream.
  • Each entry should be of a different type of storage area.
  • Your room should not have much area that is used for anything other than storage. Examples would be a basement with a small laundry area or a two car garage with barely room for one car.
  • Have fun: Remember this is a challenge not a contest

This challenge will close the 16. September

Participation prize
These posters in 4 package files. (Sims 3 only, sorry)
Mesh by Eric at b-5 Studio.
[Image: Screenshot-9.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-8.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-7.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-6.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-5.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-4.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-3.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-2.jpg]

The Sims 3
The Sims 2

* = Received PP. If you have a * next to your name and did not receive the PP please PM the moderator.
This is a really interesting concept and a cool prize! I hope lots of people will try it out.
Great challenge for the clutter lovers and what a great prize!
Ohhh, a chance to work on my clutter skills. giggle I may participate, it has been a while since I've done any decorating.
I have seen a few people asking about cluttering and how to do it. This challenge is perfect for them to practice their clutter skills.
Here´s my attempt. I tried to make a laundry room similar to my grandma´s when she was alive. She used to be a tailor, and she loved plants, so why not make a room in which she could have felt happy?
Hope you like it. Of course, Heidy
[Image: Screenshot-7-1.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-4.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-8-1.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-9-1.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-10-1.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-11.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-12.jpg]
Looks good to me eileen Yes Somebody really has a hobby Smile
eileen, I love your laundry room! I like all the little details, like the spools of thread by the sewing machine with the sewng basket and sciccors.
eileen - First let me say that your room is lovely, a masterpiece in cluttering. This looks like a real-to-life laundry/sewing room.

However I must point out that it really doesn't match the criteria for the challenge. Per rule #6;

Your room should not have much area that is used for anything other than storage.

Your room, while lovely, doesn't match. You will get the prize but I urge you to re-enter. And no worries. Smile
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