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LivingSims Forum - Wow me!: Interior (Closed)

LivingSims Forum

Full Version: Wow me!: Interior (Closed)
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[Image: BannerI.jpg]

Have you ever seen a sims photo and said wow?

That is your challenge here; make me say wow.

The Task
Do you not have the time to make a whole room? That's OK, this challenge is all about the perfect shot.
Take your best picture and put it in its best light.

The Rules
  • 1 picture only. You may link to more in an album
  • Pictures may be no more then 800 pixels wide
  • You may enter as many times as you want
  • Picture must be an interior shot
  • No sims allowed
  • Anything goes. Picture can be a still life, a close up, a full room, or even just a shadow on the floor if you like; just make it interesting
  • For this challenge you may play more with the color, sharpness, contrast, and levels of your photo. For example, monochrome and black and white are allowed
  • You still MAY NOT add borders, text, lens flare, etc
  • Have fun: Remember this is a challenge not a contest

This challenge will close October 19th

Participation prize
Looking for something spectacular if I can't come up with something myself.

How to wow.
  • Be evocative; bring to mind an emotion, a place, or a mood.
    Example: Velvet @ LivingSims Forum creates a wonderfully festive mood here.
    [Image: EvocativeI.jpg]
  • Be surprising; insert an item that is out of place, make your picture a different shape, or use a color in an unexpected way.
    Example: fierycrash @ LivingSims Forum surprises by using doors as a window in this photo.
    [Image: SurprisingI.jpg]
  • Be realistic; try to make the viewer have to look very closely to tell if the photo is in game or not.
    Example: The setting and textures that zveki @ LivingSims Forum uses are so realistic that it almost completely fools the eye.
    [Image: RealisticI.png]
  • Be unusual; photograph something that nobody would ever photograph, from an angle that is strange, or with the wrong lighting.
    Example: Peachy @ LivingSims Forum has chosen a very unusual subject for this set of photos.
    [Image: UnusualI.jpg]
  • Be breathtaking; Overwhelming beauty always wows.
    Example: The colors, textures, and layout in this photo by Starla @ LivingSims Forum make it breathtaking.
    [Image: BreathtakingI.jpg]

If you have ever looked at a sims photo and thought "how did they do that?" or "is that a real picture?" or "that is so beautiful." you have been wowed.

Wow me.
Oh, can´t wait to do this one!
Well I decided to be the brave one Worried!
Here it goes,

[Image: fjj24x.jpg]

Tks Heidy is very welcome.
Love the colors and the showcasing of the art in that way is terrific. Wow earned. Clap
So modern. Congratulations!
I am not sure this pic fits well into this challenge, but I tried.

[Image: 2hmj7dv.jpg]
Bridelyn - I am floored by the lighting in this shot and I especially like the ocean outside. Nicely done.
[Image: Screenshot-86-1.jpg]
That is such a great shot Seb. I keep spotting little details in it. Also the lighting is really superb.
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