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Full Version: House Plan advice.... Please help
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So this is the thing, I'm planning to build on a 30x30 lot in Arkham, and then I have absolute no idea which style to build it in, and I suck at planning a house TT, like where to put the living room, kitchen,...ect.... Sweating so I'm here hoping someone can give me some advice. The lot is quite slopped and the back facing the sea and the city. Here is the picture of the lot:
[Image: 16gap1j.jpg]
I would like it to have a living room, kitchen/dining room, a small office, one bathroom and two bedrooms. Preferably two stories. If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated Smile. So please and thank you Smile
Do you mind trying to show a few picture of the area around the lot?
What kind of sims to you want to live there?
If you start a foundation at the front of the lot it will extend down to reach the ground, that way you can leave the lot sloped.
I build a traditional machiya on this very spot in my Arkham version (Iwo Shiro Island) - using the traditional machiya style provided me with a well sized living space and tiny galley-like kitchen, a half-bath, a small work space in the walkway/hall surrounding the living space and two well sized bedrooms and a bath on the second floor.
The Watanabes living there have two children and a dog.

[Image: Screenshot-991_zps36e11abe.jpg]

After this round of DOTY I will go back and take a screenshot of the floor plan.
Aw, that is a cute house there Naitomea_Sims Smile can't wait to see the floor plan Smile (that is, if you don't mind me messing up the entire style of the house?) I am thinking of having a couple living there with a dog, and later their children, maybe one or two Nod
Ruu, can you remove the quote from your posting? We do not quote in this entire forum, to avoid lag in loading.

I don't mind you messing up the floor plan, be my guest.
Has anyone built on this lot and willing to share their blueprint/ floor plan?????? Worried Please, I'm stuck on this beautiful lot SweatingWorried
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