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Full Version: Sims Medieval Pictures
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If you got the game, we would love to see your pictures!
Oh goody goody goody! Happy02 I was looking for a place for this.

Warning: Pic Spam Ahead! giggle

First off, I'm really enjoying the game so far. The controls are pretty much the same, the humour is hilarious (because I get a kick out of whacky), the settings are awesome, and the quests - oh the quests! I'm sure it's nothing like some of the other games out there, but I find the "simmified" versions quite fun - AND there is strategy, to some extent. Much more than in TS3, that's for sure.

Anyway, here are the pics. Meet Lord Petrus Shellest. He's Studious and Chivalrous - and a lady-loving Licentious monarch! Bigsmile He's talking - in the loo to Builder Emmet about his new castle and what's needed for the throne room. And while they were talking this servant girl comes in and just takes a bath! Rofl

[Image: Screenshot-1.jpg]

On his first quest, he finds himself in the forest. Talks with a nice woman - who turns out to be a forest bandit! She threatened to take his money. So like a fool and not knowing what I'm doing at all, I make him challenge her to a duel! Bigsmile

[Image: Screenshot-3.jpg]


[Image: Screenshot-4.jpg]


[Image: Screenshot-5.jpg]

Victory! Ha! My Monarch RULEZZZZ!

[Image: Screenshot-6.jpg]

The whole process took much longer than that, but you get the drift. LOL

He was tired and hungry so I sent him home, quest unfinished for the moment (because they WILL starve to death! LOL). He had to fix himself some gruel! I couldn't believe the monarch had to cook for himself. Tch!

But you can see in this shot that the castle (and I'm presuming all other locations you can go into) is rather like a doll house. It has two levels with three rooms in it each. You can go into the room a certain distance with the camera, and angle around a bit, but not completely. Makes taking pics a bit more challenging, but it's not horrid. Smile

[Image: Screenshot-7.jpg]

He set back out to the forest to continue his quest. Here's a pretty walk-in-the-country shot.

[Image: Screenshot-11.jpg]

And here's a pretty walk-home-in-the-evening shot. giggle

[Image: Screenshot-12.jpg]

And here's a pretty a-man's-castle-is-his-home-even-at-night shot. Bigsmile

[Image: Screenshot-16.jpg]

Next day, he was off to the village. He passed the ship that he came in on to build his kingdom. I believe this will play into the game quests later, there are options to store stuff on it, patrol the seas, etc. Smile

[Image: Screenshot-19.jpg]

More coming in a minute. Wink
Well I just told my husband I wanted to get late night more than I wanted this (behind in the times I know). But Webby, I think you just made me a liar.
lol, I know Nerieda. This actually looks a bit exciting. I'm a little surprised!!!
After visiting the shoppes in the village (which is a rabbit hole - they walk off toward the village and then a buy window comes up like at the grocery store in TS3), Lord Petrus was called to for help - someone had bullied a fair young maiden and she pleaded with him to help her! He found the bully and threw him in the stocks - and then took an egg and began the throwing himself! (He's chivalrous - this guy really pissed him off!)

[Image: Screenshot-23.jpg]

Ka-Blam! *oooooooo...*

[Image: Screenshot-24.jpg]

Back at the castle....

The minstrel and other visitors arrived. A bunch just struck up a dance as the minstrel started to play. Smile

[Image: Screenshot-25.jpg]

Lord Petrus welcomed his guests in a most chivalrous mannor. giggle I love all these things - and the dialect their speaking feels very old European, too.

[Image: Screenshot-26.jpg]

Here is a close-up of the lady he just greeted so you can see the facial features. Their skintones and details are rougher and it's soooo cool!

[Image: Screenshot-27.jpg]

Well, anyways, a monarch's work is never done, so after some socializing Lord Petrus had to make a law or two...

[Image: Screenshot-28.jpg]

... hear petitions in the throne room...

[Image: Screenshot-30.jpg]

... and then it was off to bed in his long nighty. giggle

[Image: Screenshot-31.jpg]

I got four more.... Itwasntme

As Lord Petrus was walking around the next day, past the Judgment Area where the stocks and Pit of Doom are, I heard this horrible roaring and turned around to see this:

Executioner: "No, no, Fluffy, I told you, not today. Maybe tomorrow. What? I don't know when exactly, luv, the king is so darn nice and all, we've not had many killings. Oh, keep your shirt on, we'll see what we can arrange."

[Image: Screenshot-32.jpg]

Being the Licentious type, poor Petrus was feeling like a bit of a dried up well. He'd been so busy questing he hadn't had time to kiss or woo-hoo anyone! It was really becoming quite a downer! :roll: Oh, it wasn't like he hadn't tried, but for a Chivalrous, Licentious monarch, he'd been striking out all over the kingdom! Shake

So I set about finding him a wench - and a wench I found: it was Cara the servant girl, some lovely maid he'd come to the rescue of in the village, who turned out to be HIS servant girl!

Finally, she just came and relaxed on his bed one night after he'd tucked himself in. Well, he wasn't going to miss that opportunity, let me tell you. giggle

[Image: Screenshot-33.jpg]

She now visits him quite regularly in his chambers, but she knows her place - food-getter. Rofl

[Image: Screenshot-34.jpg]

I don't think she's minding bumping into him all over the kingdom, though. Wink

[Image: Screenshot-35.jpg]
Loving the pictures, I can't wait to pick my game up tomorrow!
Oh, I was so busy posting pics I didn't see Nerieda and Sarai's replies! LOL

It's actually really fun! I was a bit surprised myself. giggle I mean, I was hoping - but EA has delivered, so far. Smile

I like that it's different - that I can't actually do quite as much, camera-wise, or clothing-wise, building-wise. It really does put the focus on game play, which is nice.

For clothes, there are only X number of outfits, they're all all-in-ones, and there are three or four default colours each, none of which suck. Seriously. I so wanted to get on with the game yesterday that I picked the outfit I thought best for Petrus and didn't CAS it at all, so what you see is what they offered, and I think it's pretty darn good as-is for this time 'round.

I haven't built anything yet. I was falling asleep in my chair last night by the time I quit. LOL I was just at the point of being able to add a new building to the kingdom, so not sure how that goes yet. But I'm really getting a kick out of the "dollhouse" thing! It's completely sufficient for this game.

I could change the walls and flooring if I wanted. I haven't because Petrus needs the money to build a kingdom first. LOL There is also a buy/build type mode where you can purchase furnishings, decor, columns, that kind of thing.

There are things to "discover" in the woods. You may have noticed that bush sparkling in one of the pics above. Well, that means you can see if you can "discover" something there. Certain heroes can discover certain things. I think the monarch can only discover wild flowers (which you can sell from inventory or at the shoppes for more money). Other heroes can mine rock piles, discover herbs, etc. Very cool!

Here's a pic of Lord Petrus "harvesting" the wildflowers he'd discovered.

[Image: Screenshot-2.jpg]

I'm trying not to give too much away of the quests and stuff - it's really more fun when you know nothing. With other Sims games and EP's, I'm always reading everything in advance. I purposely didn't do that this time, and it's been a blast to discover everything for myself. Smile

Also, the tutorial you go through for your first quest is really good. You learn a lot. Very helpful and very well done, methinks. Yes
I wasn't going to get this but I might have to change my mind. It looks like fun!
LOL! Oh man, Ninoo, that is fast! I purposely didn't speed it up, I wanted to enjoy it (for the most part). And I read everything in the tutorial. LOL I was pissed when he was first walking to the woods and that stupid tutorial sign was up telling me about the game speeds (I know that, I know that!) and I couldn't see the countryside very well and it wouldn't go away until I'd used Speed 4 and got him to where he was going! Devil Bigsmile

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