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LivingSims Forum - What I am doing wrong????? :/

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Full Version: What I am doing wrong????? :/
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Hello can someone please help me, because I am really going crazy. I have read and watch all the is around for building in empty shells, high raise buildings and all is going wrong for me.

Here are the pictures:
1-> Lobby-Builded and put the balls fo the hidden room and for the public room

[Image: 2u6kb5i.jpg]

2-> Skip to the level were it is supose to build, pic below and please see the arrow

[Image: 6dr4tw.jpg]

and it stays down below the area were i can build Devil, please see the pic below were the arrow is pointing.

[Image: 2w6x93a.jpg]

3-> And last but not least when i skip all levels and gives the roof, N.º1 is the boundary for the build level, and N.º2 is were i can build.

[Image: xbk8xv.jpg]

All help is appreciated.

Tks in advance.
You see picture 2? Turn on testingcheatsenabled true and turn on restrictbuildbuyinbuildings off. On Picture 2 add the walls you need. ;0