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Overview of this album's content:

- The Townhouse (starting in this entry below), main level, first floor, second floor, souterrain
- The Aurora Skies House on Hills , 2, 3
- CMT French Country Kitchen
- The Loft, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
- CMT Morrocco Garden
- The Turquoise - small family home 1, 2, 3, 4
- Tablescape extra pics

A new home for my pictures...

My latest house is a townhouse for a family of four and their cats. It was quite a big project and is uninhabited yet, because my computer probably won't handle it with sims living there until I get some more RAM and a new motherboard for my birthday Wink

It is finished, but I haven't sort through my screenshots completely yet, so I'll start with exterior and garden for today. All in all it has for levels, the garden level is the souterrain/basement of the house.

It's actually a row of townhouses, the one I decorated is the middle one.

[Image: 9asw.jpg]

[Image: qzbr.jpg]

[Image: jsl7.jpg]

[Image: cwnp.jpg]

[Image: kxep.jpg]

[Image: puy0.jpg]

[Image: qo94.jpg]

[Image: y3ng.jpg]

[Image: foh1.jpg]

[Image: t0h1.jpg]

[Image: 7g93.jpg]

[Image: xaqk.jpg]

[Image: 475y.jpg]

[Image: wegg.jpg]

[Image: 1pv2.jpg]
That looks absolutely amazing! And you've got some great CC in your game. Smile
Thank you Smile Glad you like it. I went on a crazy CC hunt for this house, one of the reasons my DL folder almost exploded :D
Wow, that is beautiful!
Thank you Smile

And here I have the main level of the house:

First an overview of the level.

[Image: agny.jpg]

The hall:

[Image: 2sh6.jpg]

The kitchen:

[Image: 0og0.jpg]

[Image: l3ba.jpg]

in my imagination, the oldest daughter often sits here to do her homework, although I gave her a desk in her own room Wink

[Image: crla.jpg]

I love the idea of having a sofa or loveseat in a big kitchen, to have a place to sit and chat between cooking turns a kitchen into the real heart of a house, I think.

[Image: xx4e.jpg]

[Image: 4uvr.jpg]

Lot's of storage room and a ladder to reach the upper cabinets.

[Image: jh16.jpg]

A corner with toys for the little one.

Then we have a little guest powder room at the main level, too:

[Image: q9lw.jpg]

And finally the living room with formal dining area:

[Image: uh9u.jpg]

[Image: jt9r.jpg]

[Image: ayzt.jpg]

[Image: 2k7c.jpg]

[Image: 6aui.jpg]

[Image: gwrx.jpg]
Mech that is beautiful! The details are pretty amazing
I also love the interior. What Mac said, I love all the details. Smile
Thank you both so much, I'm glad you like it!
Another townhouse post...this is the first floor (for Americans the second floor, I guess Smile ) where the children's rooms are located. The family has an young adult/college age daughter and a toddler.

An overview of the level:

[Image: zgps.jpg]

The daughter's bedroom. quite large. They spoil her Wink

[Image: 00xm.jpg]

[Image: 97tj.jpg]

[Image: 3vjm.jpg]

[Image: 87a7.jpg]

[Image: nt8l.jpg]

[Image: 9rj0.jpg]

[Image: u4h4.jpg]

[Image: 9scb.jpg]

[Image: 3hh2.jpg]

[Image: c74w.jpg]

[Image: 41g5.jpg]

Her bathroom.

[Image: nojd.jpg]

[Image: 2v76.jpg]

[Image: nov7.jpg]

[Image: kxv3.jpg]

The nursery. Children's rooms are my weak spot. I never seem to make them fun and colorful and yet keep my color theme of the house...

[Image: nzy9.jpg]

[Image: l3l0.jpg]

[Image: b683.jpg]

[Image: qb4g.jpg]

Finally, a TV corner in the hallway, so that you don't have to sit in the big livingroom downstairs just to watch the news (and it can be kept tidy and ready to entertain guests Wink )

[Image: sh1y.jpg]

[Image: igq5.jpg]

Only two more floors to go (the second floor with the parents' bedroom, bath and an extra room and the souterrain poolarea and office). I hope you aren't tired of my townhouse pic spams yet Blush
A townhouse post...again? Yeah, I know, but I want to have these pics posted completely, so that I can move on to something new and fresh.

The second floor:

[Image: 9o31.jpg]

In the hallway I decorated a small area to sit:

[Image: o5yp.jpg]

[Image: js4n.jpg]

Then we have the music room:

[Image: 8xp7.jpg]

[Image: 8ae2.jpg]

[Image: s8wu.jpg]

[Image: xuzf.jpg]

[Image: zf5u.jpg]

The master bedroom:

[Image: fsgt.jpg]

[Image: xhzf.jpg]

[Image: x0z9.jpg]

[Image: 9y4s.jpg]

[Image: wkk5.jpg]

[Image: 3qay.jpg]

The parents' bathroom:

[Image: ddaf.jpg]

[Image: bhsg.jpg]

[Image: eln4.jpg]

[Image: 5rfk.jpg]

[Image: i8pc.jpg]

[Image: vqbg.jpg]

[Image: fvko.jpg]

[Image: 8oig.jpg]

Only one more floor to go, the souterrain.
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