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LivingSims Forum - Update TS3 from Blackypanther

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Full Version: Update TS3 from Blackypanther
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Hello together!
I'm from blackypanther - this is a popular Sims2 / Sims3 - page in Germany. And we would like share our creations.

Update Decemer Collections - Enjoy!
Feel free for login and download! (Login is free)

[Image: xpxlkqse.jpg]
Hello friends!

Today we have buildings!

Greetings from: http://www.blackypanther.de/include.php?path=start.php

[Image: 42xvwj7v.jpg]
Today we have clothing and 1 Sim!

Greetings from: http://www.blackypanther.de/include.php?path=start.php

[Image: zdiqmfhh.jpg]
New Clothing - Enjoy!!!!

Greetings from: http://blackypanther.de/include.php?path=start.php

[Image: kgkm66ld.jpg]