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[Image: CMT.jpg]

Welcome to the revamped Challenge Me To… challenge!

Are you bored? Do you want to try something different? Why not ask for a random challenge from your peers?

Want to be challenged?
In Challenge Me To... (CMT) you ask for a challenge and one of your peers will write a challenge especially for you. If you like the challenge you accept it. If not, then you decline it and someone else will challenge you. Once you have taken up a challenge you've got one month to finish it. When you have finished your challenge, you post your pictures and text in this topic.

NOTE: This has been changed to a continuous challenge, meaning you can enter as many times as you’d like. However, you must complete a challenge before requesting a new one.  If you cannot complete a current challenge within the one month time frame, you may ask for a two-week extension by posting in this thread.  If you cannot finish your challenge, say that you can't finish it, and you may ask for another challenge.

CMT Build: This is all about the building aspect of the game - the architecture of the building, so all pictures should be from the outside.

CMT Decorate: This is all about interior design and décor.

CMT Garden: This is all about the garden aspect of the game - outdoor living/hang out spaces. NB: When we talk about gardens here, we mean "yards" to use the American term. Not just vegetable growing and flower gardens.

CMT Random: If you just want a challenge ask for a random one and you might get to build, decorate or play with the landscaping of a residential lot or a community lot.

Please make sure to read the topic About Challenge Me To. There is a lot of info that you need to know before asking for your first challenge.

To help us give you the most interesting challenge possible it is important that you tell us: What skill level you are at. What game you want to do your challenge in. If there is something you are struggling with or want to get better at. Finally, which type of CMT you are asking for – building, decorating, or gardening.

Please fill this out when asking for a challenge:
Game: Sims 2/Sims 3/Sims 4 or all?
Type of Challenge Requested: Building/Decorating/Gardening/Complete/Random
Skill Level: Grasshopper/Sparrow/Owl/Eagle/Pterosaur
I want to get better at/I am struggling with:

When you take pictures, take more then one. You may post up to 10, so why not show off your CMT to it’s full advantage? If you want to show more than 10 pictures, you can create a (or use your existing) picture album in our TS3 or TS2 picture album areas and link to them.
It is always a good idea to have an overhead view, so we can see how you laid it out.
Pictures should not exceed the 800 pixel wide forum rule.

Please quote the challenge you got when you post your pictures.

Why the new format
Due to a lower interest level in the CMTs over the last months, we have decided to combine the three different challenge types into one - the original format of the challenge. This has the added benefit of giving us the opportunity to give you two new types of CMT: Random and Complete, where you get to try the CMT in a different way.

This is an ongoing challenge with no end date.
To Be Challenged
Awaiting Challenge Acceptance
Has Been Challenged
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Finished Challenges

Build Challenges
Decorating Challenges
Garden Challenges
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Random Challenges
I'm afraid I'm going to have to give up on my challenge, my sims 3 game files got corrupted so i lost a lot of my saves, including the one with my challenge on Sadsmile
Whoa, I just realized that I'm officially just out of the one month from the time limit (I had totally forgotten when was this due). Since I'm only off by one day and I'm fairly certain I can get this done in a day or two at most should I officially ask for an extension? I'm usually more aware of things but I totally spaced out of what time it was and I've been without the game for about a week in between.
@ ErisNyx So sorry to hear about your saves, I hate when that happens Sadsmile

@ lynhuh No you don't have to ask for an extension Smile Look forward to seeing the finished product!
Yay I finished the room. Here was my challenge:

Quote:Andy Vunharts has returned from home after a holiday break from his university. Now with his dorm mate graduating he has a dorm all to himself. He can create anything and have this room be whatever he wants... He lifts up his former dorm mate's bed and throws it out the window to create more space. "Fantastic!" he says to himself as he place his finger on his chin. "I now have enough room to create that gamer themed dorm that i've always wanted. Olive, Grey And White seem like the best colors to make this happen... but i need a helping hand... Ah! I know just the person! Lynhuh, Will you help me create my dream room for this semester?"

I actually have a before/after picture of the space taken from where the bed of the roommate used to be:

[Image: tumblr_newntq1dGd1qk948yo6_1280.png]

[Image: 2h329mp.jpg]

[Image: nh1ffm.jpg]

[Image: 11wetqq.jpg]

[Image: 2s7t0uw.jpg]

[Image: m1tly.jpg]

Finally an overview:

[Image: 2mg2j6e.jpg]

Heidy I found it surprisingly hard to work with this palette because I tend to do gamer rooms in black and blue. Nice challenge.
Wow, you got a lot of gaming into that room! I'm sure any gamer would be in heaven in there. Smile
Great job on your entry Lynuh. I love the multiple monitors he has. I would love to have two screens, I think I would go over the moon with that many.
Lynhuh this was well worth the wait. I am absolutely in love with this room! If i need a room designed, I'm coming to you!
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