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How to post images on the forum

Some people have asked how to post pictures, so here is a little tutorial:

First find the picture you want to show on the forum. That can be a picture from your game, a picture of an object you are looking for or something else.

NB: Pictures posted on the forum may not be more then 800 pixels wide.

So here is what you do once you have the picture you want.

  1. Use a picture hosting service. There are a number of different ones out there. For this tutorial I am just using TinyPic but there are others out there google search for "free image hosting"
  2. You press the Locate file bottom (which is shown in Danish in the picture, sorry about that)
    [Image: mackat128.jpg]
  3. You locate the file and press "open". Fill out the pop up and press press "Upload Now"
    [Image: mackat129.jpg]

    [Image: mackat130.jpg]

    [Image: mackat132.jpg]

  4. Then you copy the direct link to the file
    [Image: mackat133.jpg]
  5. Here on the forum you press the little picture icon in the advanced reply mode (you can get to that by pressing "New Reply" or "Preview reply")
    [Image: mackat127.jpg]

    [Image: mackat135.jpg]
  6. You then paste the direct link into the pop up and that is it

    [Image: mackat134.jpg]
How to post pictures for WCIF questions

When you are looking for an object in our Where Can I Find sections we always require you to post a picture of what you are looking for. If you don't we might not answer your request at all so I better make sure you know how to post pictures for this.

I use the browser Firefox but some other browsers has the same functions.

First you find a picture of what you are looking for. That can be a real photograph or an in game one. In this example we want to locate an object from the magazine.

Here is what you should do:
First go to the page where the object is. Note what the article is called and copy the link to the page to your post. Then you want to upload the page (which is an image) to your own image host, so you can post the image:
  1. Right click on the image, where the item you are looking for is shown. Then you pick "Copy link to this image" (or what-ever the option is called in English)
    [Image: mackat127%20%282%29.jpg]

  2. If you do not have this object save the image on your hard drive and upload as shown in the post above.

  3. Now you go to your image hosting service. In this example we are using TinyPic. Click in the Url option. In other services this is typically called "Upload from Web"
    [Image: mackat128%20%282%29.jpg]

  4. Then you press Upload and fill in the pop up
    [Image: mackat132.jpg]

  5. You then copy the direct link and post it in the post
    [Image: mackat133.jpg]

    [Image: mackat135.jpg]

    [Image: mackat134.jpg]
Resize your images

There are a number of different ways to crop and resize your images, but here is an easy one. In this tutorial I am using the browser Chrome* and the image host Photobucket.

I have uploaded an image and clicked on it.

Then I hover over the image with my mouse and a bar shows up. Here I pick Resize under other options.
[Image: mackat130%20%282%29.jpg]

It now takes a bit to load - just leave it to load

Then you fill in the size you want the image to be and press apply
[Image: mackat130%20%283%29.jpg]

You can also crop the image here or add arrows or text to the image if you want to show what you are looking for or explain something.

Once you are done you press "Replace original image"
[Image: mackat131.jpg]

The program will load for a bit and you are now ready to share your image on the forum. Be aware though that different forums have different size requirements

*I use Chrome for this, because I can't get it to work in Firefox right now, but I am pretty sure it also works in Internet Explorer.
Automate the resizing using photobucket

You can set up your photobucket to resize all images you upload for you. I got mine set so it always resize my pictures so they are a maximum of 800 pixels (the limit for images on this forum) but you can choose other sizes.

Press "Upload Now" and press "Customize your upload options"
[Image: mackat133%20%282%29.jpg]

In the pop up, pick the option you want
[Image: mackat133%20%283%29.jpg]

From now on, all pictures will be resized down to this size, if they are bigger. You can always change this setting again later

Share files/images via Dropbox

Sign up for and download Dropbox (it is free and you get 2 GB space for free)

Place the file you want to share in the Public folder that is already in the dropbox when you install it.

You can place files inside folders here and they still work just fine. You just locate your files in the normal file browser on your machine. The little green V symbols indicate that the file has been uploaded.

Now right click on your file and pick Dropbox > Copy public link

[Image: mackat_099.jpg]

This will add the link to the file to your clipboard and you can paste it in where-ever you need it.

If you need to use this for an image here on the forum just click on the little image icon and paste the link into the pop up window.

Disclaimer: This is how it looks on Windows 7
How to post images for the WCIF Magazine section.

We are very strict on Hot Linking here on the forum but one place that you may do it is in the WCIF Magazine section. This means you may directly link to the images used in the Magazine for your post.
If you are looking for items from the same image someone else has already posted you may skip inserting a image in your post. UNLESS your post is on the next page or there are more than one image in the original post.

Step 1. Find the image you want and right click it. Select "Copy Image Location"

[Image: clipboard03.jpg]

Step 2. Go to your reply and click the insert image box at the top.

[Image: clipboard02.jpg]

Step 3. Right click the address bar and paste in the image address from the magazine. Click okay.

[Image: clipboard04.jpg]

Step 4. Post what you are looking for in LIST form either under or above your image. Please be clear about what you are looking for.
Put a link to the page where you found your image at the bottom. This helps if for some reason your image isn't working in the post.

[Image: clipboard05.jpg]

Step 5. Hit preview to make sure you have done everything correctly. Your Post should look something like this.

[Image: clipboard06.jpg]

If all looks good hit post reply and you are done!

Questions are welcome below
Hi Macthekat,

Hopefully this is the right place to ask this - I thought I would ask some questions before attempting a post with a picture and getting it completely wrong, so wanted to confirm the etiquette of WCIF/Pictures.

There are sometimes objects that I would like to find in Challenge photos and I was wondering how I would go about asking about them - i.e. can I ask the creator in the challenge topic itself (or is this completely rude?) or should I use the picture in the WCIF section... and if this is the case do I copy the picture to my own computer and then upload it to (for example) flickr and then onto here? Worried

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to disrespect the forum rules (or annoy creators by pinching their photos).


I hope it's okay if i answer this one.

Jinty : It's easier for us if you ask about cc you're looking for in WCIF because not everyone checks every thread every day and that way everything stays nicely together. So yes, you save the picture to your computer and then upload it to flickr or wherever and post it in the WCIF forum and we'll all do our best to help you find items as soon as possible. Also, don't forget to read the rules in the WCIF forum as there is a limit to how many items you can ask for.

Hope that helps Smile
Brilliant advice!Inlove

Thank you Deelightful!

I will hopefully open a WCIF thread tonight (if I can borrow my boyf's laptop... seeing as my poor little lappy is still being fixed).

The beautiful challenges are not helping my patience any, that's for sure... and I am dreading the inevitable Reinstalling Sims/Expansions.... Grrr. The only calming thing I can do is look for pretty things to fill my game with when it is back Smile

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