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LivingSims Forum - Design Style: Scandinavian Modern (Closes November 10th)

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Full Version: Design Style: Scandinavian Modern (Closes November 10th)
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Amazing entries!

Mine (ts3):
[Image: Screenshot-3011_zpsjap0dwxd.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-3022_zpsiijqr9dr.jpg]
steefjee90: That is looking great! Great textures.
If you want it to look even more scandinavian - add one quirky element - like a pink moose or something
thanks! Yeah, maybe I should get on a cc-hunt
It could also be a fun pillow or a duck sculpture or a great colored lamp
All the pictures are amazing!

your picture looks so warm and cozy Inlove

love it! Very scandinavian. I love black and white interiors and its very common in Sweden.

OMG! Love how you play with light. Amazing as always Inlove
This contest is really fun for me since i live in Sweden and scandinavian interiors are my favorite.

I had to make small living space as we have it in Stockholm. Usually scandinavian interiors are black & white and rustic floor so i tried to stick to that.  
I always love to read comments so let me know what you think Smile

Kitchen,dining,livingroom,study in one room.

[Image: 08-12-15_5-13nbspPM%20copy_zpsbktcil5p.jpg]

[Image: 08-12-15_5-16nbspPM-2%20copy_zpspqwdqlny.jpg]

[Image: 08-12-15_5-13nbspPM-2%20copy_zpsfgcwewh3.jpg]

[Image: 08-12-15_5-15nbspPM-2%20copy_zpsiqkdcuqk.jpg]

[Image: 08-12-15_5-15nbspPM%20copy_zpsnnj5hcdd.jpg]

[Image: 08-12-15_5-14nbspPM%20copy_zpshglqi5tl.jpg]

[Image: 08-12-15_5-14nbspPM-4%20copy_zpszlufp47g.jpg]

[Image: 08-12-15_6-50nbspPM-2%20copy_zpsewqyawhf.jpg]

[Image: 08-12-15_6-46nbspPM%20copy_zps0hhjk8dk.jpg]

[Image: 08-12-15_6-51nbspPM%20copy_zpsqqhyihn7.jpg]
steefjee90: your interior looks very minimalistic and fits the styleSmile

viikiita: WOW! Simply breathtaking, I love every single detail! 
viikiita - I can't even find the right words to describe it, I love all the details and the artwork is so cool too!
Oh Wow you guys - so much Scandi Awesomeness here!  I am feeling really inspired to try these challenges as soon as I get to finishing my house! Rofl
Beautiful interiors guys!! I love this design style. Viikiita, your rooms are always perfect, love this! 
The challenge has inspired me to build a whole house lol
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