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LivingSims Forum - Design Style: Scandinavian Modern (Closes November 10th)

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Full Version: Design Style: Scandinavian Modern (Closes November 10th)
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(08-13-2015, 11:44 AM)macthekat Wrote: [ -> ]wendy_weird: That is looks like: Scandinavian: Gustavian style

Link to the pinterest board in the description confused me Rain Eh, I'll probably enter again.
I was inspired by the new Ikea catalog, so here's my second entry (ts3)

[Image: Screenshot-3071_zpsfalt4i0y.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-3112_zpsxcqcaxuf.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-3141_zpsfnmgkxry.jpg]

Another entry :D

[Image: hZqShpc.jpg]

[Image: QbJn1hz.jpg]

[Image: eZiyvv3.jpg]

[Image: QRayb7G.jpg]

[Image: BTTb0ar.jpg]

[Image: YCfbend.jpg]

[Image: VSr4sS2.jpg]
So many gorgeous entries already!
I'm still working on mine...
WOW WOW WOW guys, some amazing entries here. Wendy, I'm in awe of your shots, gorgeous!
I adore this design style. I love the emphasis on function and space, as well as the organic shapes and light woods of the furniture pieces. The mid century/contemporary modern styling with monochromatic bases and whimsical touches appeals to me no end.
Heidy  Please. 
This is my first entry. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom. TS4. The build is a holiday house in the forest, partially built underground with lightwells and a central basement courtyard as seen in these pics.

[Image: tumblr_nt5kad2bCC1s4po2io1_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_nt5kad2bCC1s4po2io5_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_nt5kad2bCC1s4po2io7_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_nt5kad2bCC1s4po2io6_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_nt5kad2bCC1s4po2io4_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_nt5kad2bCC1s4po2io2_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_nt5kad2bCC1s4po2io8_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_nt5kad2bCC1s4po2io3_1280.png]
Well, I've tried too. I was doing the bathroom also, but I got too tired and decided to leave for a next time.
Hope you like it.  Heidy

It's sims 4.  Coffee

[Image: pink%20scandinavian%2013_zpszida4bq8.jpg]

[Image: pink%20scandinavian%204_zpsxwfmuoez.jpg]

[Image: pink%20scandinavian%203_zpsecxibbtk.jpg]

[Image: pink%20scandinavian%202_zpsmdwiejm7.jpg]

[Image: pink%20scandinavian%2012_zpskakeibnw.jpg]

[Image: pink%20scandinavian%201_zpsljjdbsv8.jpg]

[Image: pink%20scandinavian%205_zps5kekurck.jpg]

[Image: pink%20scandinavian%207_zpsk6ciyzgh.jpg]

[Image: pink%20scandinavian%208_zpsg8k9awow.jpg]

[Image: pink%20scandinavian%2015_zpsppxp5xvp.jpg]
I found some time to type my feedback  Coffee  Rofl

- That combination work extremely well! I feel like industrial is more often than not used to define male spaces and this goes to show it can look soft and work like a more gender neutral style as well.

- I like the use of yellow and the fact that you used one of my favorite (ts3) tables :D Space looks inviting and clean.

- I made the same mistake of doing a Gustavian room, I'm a complete noob when it comes to style names. The room has a presence but I feel like there is too much wallpaper, just one wall with patterns will do. The colors and the woods are spot on in my opinion. :D

- So shiny and clean and bright! I love the chairs you chose and the fact that the floors are all reflective.

- I love both your rooms, this style is right up your alley and you really own it. :D

- You pulled of cluttered with clean and functional. It's a very well thought out place and I like every inch of it.

- Very simple and incredibly spot on.

- I really like the layout of the room, the many pillows, the woods you chose and the art...and the general cleanness and reflectiveness of the space that works nicely with the occasional cluttered corner. :D

- Adorable girl space. I like the ceiling beams especially.
Atlas: Smart layout of a small room! The bed, dresser and chair are very scandinavian modern. I would have chosen simple, white walls, and maybe just used wallpaper on only one wall. I would also have used more light in the room. Scandinavian modern often requires very bright rooms.

Wendy_wierd: The room is lovely, but it is as someone said more gustavian than scandinavian modern.
The other room is spot on scandinavian modern. I also love the angle you have shot the pictures in here.

Steefjee90: I love your IKEA inspired room. I especially think the hint of the yellow wall was a good idea. Very scandinavian modern, indeed.

Green-girl: Lovely bathroom and bedroom. I think you have the perfect balance of colours and white/woods here. The coice of concrete in the bathroom really gives an edge to the design.

Sweetcaffeine: That is a very cute design! I am a sucker for pastels mysfelf. Stylevise, I think the kitchen is the best part. The clean simple lines combined with a few hints of colours is very spot on when it comes to my understanding of scandinavian modern.
@steefjee90 I really love your kitchen. I think with white walls it would look even better. But well done  Yes

Your pictures are amazing and very scandinavian.  Inlove

very clean and simpel. Lovely pictures  Clap

very cute and very calm interior. I like it Smile

@soliva Very scandinavia. Its looks amazing!

Well done everyone. Amazing entries. I cant wait to see more entries.
You did well on the Ikea feeling, it does feel like an Ikea showroom! 
I really like the rack with all the plants and I’m in love with the 4th picture, the one with the view.
I love all those pillows on the bed, nice entry.
I do think the kitchen fits the style better than the living room. I really like the blue wall with all the shelves.
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