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LivingSims Forum - Design Style: Scandinavian Modern (Closes November 10th)

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Full Version: Design Style: Scandinavian Modern (Closes November 10th)
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Okay...here's my ts2 entry#1 (I'm already working on another one)

It's a coffeebar...called 'hus' Wink

[Image: sc01_zpsbjnbrkkf.jpg]

[Image: sc02_zps0djv5mlf.jpg]

[Image: sc03_zpsz6yj4tip.jpg]

[Image: sc04_zpsyftvpitx.jpg]

[Image: sc05_zpskuzppxlh.jpg]

[Image: sc06_zpsaofup8r7.jpg]

[Image: sc07_zpsvbxxq1d7.jpg]

[Image: sc08_zpslh4nglkm.jpg]

[Image: sc09_zps8t1u5mti.jpg]

[Image: sc10_zps6ax35qsr.jpg]
your coffe bar is really awesome  Inlove

Boo terrible lighting but I hope I got the style half way right. 

[Image: tumblr_nt8xcdqKyM1sh8vu8o1_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_nt8xcdqKyM1sh8vu8o2_1280.png]
BlueHopper: I think it looks very right! And rather cool!
Gorgeous entries, everyone!
Awesome coffebar riekus...its so unique and special. I would enjoy a place like this in real life...
Hopper: I admire all your pics.
Both amazing entries Blue and Marieke!

Another one (it's addictive  Blush ):

[Image: Screenshot-3271_zpsd3jurql5.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-3251_zpsegz9xvex.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-3221_zpsawqe9nsu.jpg]

@BlueHopper I love black and white contrast in your pictures and the wood that blends in the pictures softly. Lovely entry.

@steefjee90 Inlove  I love the couch. The room is bright and open and very clean designed. Beautiful Yes

I LOVE YOUR COFFEBAR!! If i had that bar in my game my sims will be hanging around there alot with friends Smile
I must say amazing entries everyone  Inlove Inlove it would take hours to comment every single one... So kudos  Yes Yes Rock for all of you.

Well trying my luck with this. It is a restaurant, I can´t decipher because the name is in Simlish LOL... Let´s call it "Noma" in homage to the famous restaurant in Denmark (BTW the real one looks MUCH better)


[Image: wumc8g.png]

[Image: 296gb3b.png]

[Image: 2vdqtxc.png]


[Image: 30xhoc2.png]

[Image: j91qv9.png]

[Image: 2w229s2.png]

[Image: 16l9uv9.png]

A view of the Kitchen:

[Image: 9vcn83.png]

Please  Heidy
This is addictive... Wink

TS2 Livingroom

[Image: sk2_zpsypfvwm04.jpg]

[Image: sk3_zpsrnhp4iyc.jpg]

[Image: sk4_zpsqfywzsdv.jpg]

[Image: sk1_zps2sehrrbe.jpg]
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