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LivingSims Forum - Design Style: Scandinavian Modern (Closes November 10th)

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Full Version: Design Style: Scandinavian Modern (Closes November 10th)
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- the first picture angle and arrangement looks out from a magazine, it's very well balanced and I really like it  Nod

- your livings need their own fanclub, I'm serious. It's perfect! Inlove  

- I still don't know how some people are able to read Simlish! Really! Bigsmile
Taking the pics at night really fits the place, it looks very cozy  Yes

- I really like the splashes of yellow, I don't know how you do, but you always nail all the interior styles perfectly. Your coffeebar is lovely too Smile
There are so gorgeous entries and I couldn´t resist.....

Viikiita and Lady Spyder, your shots are so gorgeous
and an big inspiration for me, thank you both.

.....here are mine Sims2 shots. Heidy

[Image: w-01.png]

[Image: w-02.png]

[Image: w-03.png]

[Image: w-04.png]

[Image: w-05.png]
those pictures are just stunning. Very well done Smile
Christin, I'm in love with your entry!
Lovely, Christobal. I love how it looks colorfull, even though you have mostly used white, grey and black.
Everybody's entries so far have been great, and a good inspiration to try this out. Clap 


This style isn't really in my comfort zone, but I've read all the helpful info being given out here (and elsewhere), so this is my attempt.   Heidy  Feedback is appreciated.

[Image: 01_zpsfcjc2iwn.jpg]

[Image: 02_zpsl2id672x.jpg]

[Image: 03_zpsaskn85pw.jpg]

[Image: 04_zpsrkhhozsn.jpg]

[Image: 05_zpsutyynosu.jpg]

[Image: 06_zpsi4pdgbkn.jpg]

[Image: 07_zpsg1yzjwjj.jpg]

[Image: 08_zpshhwft1jz.jpg]

[Image: 09_zpsdlyckfno.jpg]

[Image: 10_zpsooke74ji.jpg]
@Zingaro that place is perfect  Inlove  Inlove  Heart

and im getting addicted to your pictures  Wink

I lost my breath when i saw your pictures. I really felt in love with small space and white&black contrast and grey tones. I simply love it!  Clap
Second entry

Small living space as always. I did kitchen and livingroom with study area. The bedroom is on second floor and i might continue with it  giggle just like said THIS is addictive and i cant control it  giggle

[Image: 3_zpsw2fsgb5c.jpg]

[Image: 2_zps6lzujmvx.jpg]

[Image: 10_zpszne0nkcj.jpg]

[Image: 4_zpsmr42j3cg.jpg]

[Image: 1_zpsgzdocpiy.jpg]

[Image: 6_zpswelwn5cn.jpg]

[Image: 7_zpsofp8uzz5.jpg]

[Image: 5_zpsohgmmfl3.jpg]

[Image: 9_zpscpxoqjao.jpg]
[Image: 11_zpsh5mq2swz.jpg]
Allears: You've nailed it!
viikiita: Is it TS4? Wow! Great pictures - true Scandinavian Modern.
Allears: Gorgeous shots!
Viikiita: Amazing shots and this is really S4?, they look like from an scandinavian-interior-magazine!
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