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LivingSims Forum - 10X10 Challenge 4.0 (Closes November 1st)

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Full Version: 10X10 Challenge 4.0 (Closes November 1st)
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[Image: banner%203_zpsjjthw7w8.jpg]

What can you do on a 10x10 piece of land? How creative can you be? This challenge is designed to force you to sweat the small stuff, the details that may normally escape your notice.

The Task
I give to you a 10x10 lot to build on. You must be able to live there and you must not go outside of the 10x10 area, other than that anything goes. Whatever you dream, anything you wish, as long as it fits you can build it.

The Rules
  • You can start with whatever size lot you wish but you can only build on a 10x10 part of it. You may place anything you want outside of the 10X10 area but they can't be part of your build. Set dressing if you will.
  • The lot may be placed anywhere you wish.
  • If you are building a home you must include the following; toilet, sink, tub/shower, refrigerator, stove/microwave/grill, table, chair, bed, and some sort of entertainment.
  • You may also build a community lot, if you do the above requirements do not apply.
  • Nothing may go outside the boundaries of the 10x10 area with exception of plants which may overlap, but the walls can go right to the edge of the 10x10 area.
  • You may include an overview but it is not necessary.
  • Build as deep or as high as you wish, the sky is literally the limit.
  • This could be an indoor or an outdoor challenge as long as you include the above items.
  • Max 10 pictures per entry. You may link to more in an album.
  • Pictures may be no more then 800 pixels wide.
  • You may enter as many times as you wish but each entry should be in a different style.
  • State which game you are using. TS2, TS3, TS4
  • Have fun: Remember this is a challenge not a contest.
  • The forum's Challenge & Contest Rules also apply.

This challenge will close: November 1st

Participation prize: You'll receive this shiny badge for participating [Image: smallquaters.png]

If you need some inspiration you can browse the entries from Small Quarters: 10X10 Challenge10X10 Challenge 2.0, or 10X10 Challenge 3.0

Remember, you can use any cheats that you wish but nothing but plants may go outside of the 10x10 lot. And have fun.
- Participants

The Sims 4
  • keyobabie - 1st
  • soliva - 1st
  • Enla - 1st
  • SelaronoSIms - 1st
  • LaurenKett - 1st
  • littlecat - 1st
  • SweetCaffeine - 1st
  • BlueHopper - 2nd
  • Zingaro - 1st

The Sims 3

The Sims 2
Challenge now open!
Let´s start working <3 <3 <3 I'm feeling inspired....
It's amazing how much "stuff" can squeeze into this little space!   Bigsmile

As usual, I had way more pictures than I could include, so I finally started an album.  You can find the floorplans and more pictures  here

Heidy   Feedback is always appreciated!

[Image: a1_zps7uorhifk.jpg]

[Image: a5_zpsdiej3uaq.jpg]

[Image: a6_zps2oviefcb.jpg]

[Image: a4_zpsqlxvxiva.jpg]

[Image: a8_zpsdy6o4nzn.jpg]

[Image: a7_zpsiy2ysibx.jpg]

[Image: a10_zps2utfabm2.jpg]

[Image: a9_zpsecwfnwae.jpg]

[Image: a2_zpsqfv1mdzz.jpg]

[Image: a3_zpsmtwsja2v.jpg]
Allears - That is a lovely little house and the unified color scheme throughout really pulls it all together. Well done.
Great idea , only I am a shit at building (really not my cup of tea) and I only like to decorate.Does it matter?
And does the 10x10 is availible in TS2? I only decorate really for that game.Does the house can be playable or not?
Yes I've got too much questions in mind, thank you for your answers and your patience.

Allears : I am jealous I would love to decorate as easily as I can with TS2 in TS3.Just because ts3 is slow to load catalogs.
Kweenie - The house does not have to be playable, this is only a decorating/building challenge. You can do an interior only, the last time around I did an apartment. And you can build on a bigger lot just use 10x10 of it maximum.

Oh, and welcome back. bye
(08-11-2015, 03:36 PM)mrmiss Wrote: [ -> ]Kweenie - The house does not have to be playable, this is only a decorating/building challenge. You can do an interior only, the last time around I did an apartment. And you can build on a bigger lot just use 10x10 of it maximum.

Oh, and welcome back. bye
Thank you for the warm welcome I am rather discreet here and I am glad some people saw me .
Thank you once again for honey for the replies , I am on my TS2 game currently  and I saw we don't have 10x10 so I am lost.If I can create for ts3 it will be clearer.
Sorry I am a ballbreaker with my questions Sweating .I know in TS3 we got 10x10 but in TS2 it's hard.What do you advice me to choose?
The smallest lot is 3x1 or 2x2 floor tiles.(the hugest is 5x6 tiles)
I am glad I can create pure decoration without thinking of my sims this time and I am gladder to know I can avoid to share my crappy pictures building with you x3.
Kweenie - It's been quite some time since I played The Sims 2 but I think that there are 10 in-game squares for each lot square. If you use the 2x2 lot it will be more than big enough. Smile
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