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I finally decided to start an album for some of those extra shots I always seem to have lying around.

To start off, here are some extra pictures from my latest challenge - the Mixed 10x10.  Warning:  Picture overload!

The floorplan

[Image: b1_zpsz8vfqnug.jpg]

[Image: b2_zpshzwzhvfy.jpg]

The reading nook at the top of the stairs

[Image: b3_zpsgxzu1vlf.jpg]


[Image: b4_zpskajcauyj.jpg]

Office area

[Image: b5_zpsm9tptcwa.jpg]


[Image: b7_zpsf0sskrkd.jpg]

[Image: b8_zpsqalykild.jpg]


[Image: b9_zpsdlaczsz0.jpg]

[Image: b10_zpsuxq5cgeu.jpg]

Dining area

[Image: b6_zpsmcsc1ajb.jpg]

[Image: b11_zpsrw8abd7v.jpg]
It looks really cosy and relaxing - even with all the different patterns and colors you kept it all connected if you know what i mean. Great job! Smile
Thank you Ursek! Smile
Beautiful I enjoy the simplicity and the colour mix in your rooms.Not too much cluttered, you stayed in the spirit of the game.
That bedroom looks so cozy. Your pictures are always so lovely to look through, you always use such a different mixture of colours Smile
Entered another 10x10 Challenge - and had lots of pictures left over!

Heidy Always welcome.

[Image: 201_zpsgzxnystn.jpg]

[Image: 202_zpshncu99qs.jpg]

[Image: 203_zpsfxyhgrgs.jpg]

[Image: 204_zps00ol2nni.jpg]

[Image: 205_zpsxbq67xbz.jpg]

[Image: 206_zpsjm387wzq.jpg]

[Image: 207_zpsidcog0mk.jpg]

[Image: 208_zpsrrg51ny7.jpg]

[Image: 209_zpsgmrr6r9g.jpg]

[Image: 210_zpsedyna9k0.jpg]
It looks great! It definitely looks bigger than 10x10, that's for sure. And the colours are so lovely and warm, it has such a nice homely feel to it
(09-01-2015, 11:33 AM)Wintertime Wrote: [ -> ]It looks great! It definitely looks bigger than 10x10, that's for sure. And the colours are so lovely and warm, it has such a nice homely feel to it

Indeed, depend on how the house is furnished, sometimes you really got the feeling you're a big space in front of you.

Nevermind I like the atmosphere of the house.
And yet another 10x10 challenge with left-over pictures!

[Image: 26_zpsmlu7alqz.jpg]

[Image: 25_zpsi49rdfml.jpg]

[Image: 24_zpsous2shd2.jpg]

[Image: 23_zpsquw4z7pr.jpg]

[Image: 22_zpsazciqysa.jpg]

[Image: 21_zpsrn0e8trj.jpg]

[Image: 20_zpss22u1e7b.jpg]
Awhile back, I started a project to make a mobilehome park.  I never finished it, but I recently found this mobilehome that I built.  This was before I discovered OMSP so it's a little bare, but I liked the way it turned out.

[Image: Screenshot_zpsisfnjvgd.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-4_zpsydkix82b.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-5_zpsopbvc6b4.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-7_zps5fjbtuot.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-8_zps9zzx2iw0.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-9_zpshdtftcyi.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-10_zpsgqp0va7r.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-13_zps3umvpzao.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-19_zpsw2wncbd0.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-12_zps6pgmze3r.jpg]
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