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Full Version: Garage Life 2.0
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[Image: GarageLife%20Banner.png]
Garage life is back, but this time with something a little extra! It was alright building the garage for one Sim, but this time, I challenge you too build and decorate the garage for two sims!

The challenge:

- Build the garage (layout below)
- Decorate so two Sims can live in it
- You can't extend or add more floors to the garage.

[Image: Garage%20Life2.png]

- Max. 10 pics per post
- You can enter up to 3 times
- At least one picture of the Sims
- The two Sims can be any age, though one has to be an adult
- Have fun!

Participation gift:

[Image: Screenshot-20.png]

This challenge will be closed: 11. May
Great!!! I love decorating small places... this will be very challenging!! Can´t wait to get started Smile


Love the layout Portia. I'm feeling inspired, probably going to give this a go now.
Yay... i'm trying this one again... lets see how it goes.
Count me in.


Alright, here is my first go at this.

[Image: Screenshot-1723.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1743.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1733.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1728.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1736.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1735.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1738.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1741.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1740.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1727.jpg]
Clap Wow! That looks awesome RD! I really love the colors and the fireplace pattern. Everything flows together wonderfully. Clap
This is my little artistic family. Seth is a interior designer, and Zara is a chef, cooking her masterpieces in a local grungy restaurant. Movies are something they can´t live without and they have a huge collection of old classics and cartoons. Seth´s mom was a well-known musician and he just can´t get rid of her old piano.

[Image: 01.jpg]

[Image: 02.jpg]

[Image: 03.jpg]

[Image: 04.jpg]

[Image: 05.jpg]

[Image: 06.jpg]

[Image: 07.jpg]

[Image: 08.jpg]

[Image: 09.jpg]

[Image: 10.jpg]
Impressive pictures! Loving the style. Black and red, such a good combo
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