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LivingSims Forum - In the Sky 2.0 (Closes: September 28th)

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Full Version: In the Sky 2.0 (Closes: September 28th)
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[Image: inthesky2.png]
The sims just moved into the city, but their apartment building doesn't have any garden which your sims are missing horribly. Luckily the building has a large rooftop terrace which can be converted. We want you to help the sims of this challenge to create an amazing getaway on top of their boring apartment building. While you are at it, help them decorate their new apartment as well. 

The task
Pick a pair of sims from selection below. Decorate the top floor for them. You should both decorate the apartment (they have all of the top floor) as well as the roof top garden. You can do pretty much all you want as long as the wall stay where they are and the windows stay the same. 
For sims 2 & 4 the house is downloadable, while sims 3 will have to build it yourself. It should be CC free.

The Rules
  • Max 10 pictures per entry. You may link to more in an album
  • Pictures may be no more then 800 pixel wide
  • You may change the fence and add all the walls you want.
  • You may not change the windows.
  • State which game you are using. TS2, TS3, TS4
  • Have fun: Remember this is a challenge not a contest
  • The forum's Challenge & Contest Rules also apply

Remember to add Heidy in your post if you want detailed feedback on what works and what doesn't.

This challenge will close: 17th of March Ongoing for the Summer
The House: Into the Sky
[Image: 01-17-16_12-21-08%C2%A0PM.png]

[Image: 01-17-16_12-21-30%C2%A0PM.png]

Find the house by searching for #livingsims on the sims 4 gallery. You can find the sims the same way.

The sims 2 version
[Image: 2wqtjcy-1.jpg]


The Sims

The Party Girls
[Image: 01-17-16_12-25-24%C2%A0PM.png]

Maia Grant & Jayden Geary are your quintessential party girls. Maia works in the business world and as soon as she gets of on fridays the rest of the week is all about having fun and hanging out with her friend. Jayden works as a DJ and she loves to party, so the two roommates are swinging.
Maia: Dance Mashine, Self-assured, Jealous and she wants to be leader of the pack.
Jayden: Music lover, insider & Goofball and she wants to be a Party Animal 

The romantic creatives
[Image: 01-17-16_12-23-28%C2%A0PM.png]
They are both crazy romantic and loves going on date, but they also love a night at home cooking dinner for each other. 
Clark Nunes: Romantic, art lover, creative and he is a renaissance sim
Imani Benson: Romantic, ambitious, bookworm and she wants a soulmate

The domestics
[Image: 01-17-16_12-24-37%C2%A0PM.png]
Nadine & London wants a family but right now they are focusing on getting on with their careers so they have a stable base to build their family on. 
Nadine Valentine: Snob, self-assured, family oriented & successful lineage
Aleksey London: Hot-headed, perfectionist, active & bodybuilder

The Sims 2

Liam Lelivre and Rhea Harding
[Image: ScreenShot015.jpg]
Rhea and Liam are both 17 and moved out from their parents to live together. They are properly not the perfect couple but they are very much in love and as we all know that goes a long way then you are young. They don't have a lot of money - or to tell the truth they are pretty much broke after laying down the deposit for the flat, but their parents has given them both some old furniture with them and Rhea manged to find a lot of kitchen stuff for them in a second hand store.
Liam is a messy head, he loves music and got a great sense of humor.
Rhea is very creative, a perfectionist and a bit of a neat freak.
You better help them out - they will never figure it out on their own

Download Rhea & Download Liam

Rhianna and Kyle Hemingway
[Image: macthekat053.jpg]
Download Rhianna & download Kyle
Kyle had enough of Mariella: she was always on tour; and never helped talking care of Rhianna; and something was just wrong with the way she acted around one of the roadies... Allan was his name; it was not that they had much spark left - all that fighting had killed that years ago... So last year Kyle had enough and now the divorce went though - the judge had agreed that it was best if Rhianna lived with him. Now they had finally gotten a flat! It isn't much, but it is going to be their home from now on. Sure the building is old and run down, and the pluming isn't as sound as one might wish, but they could call it theirs.
Kyle works in garage building costume motorbikes - and one day he might get his own garage, but right now the money is too tight. He love to work with his hands. Kyle is really into the goth band "Sins of thy beloved" and goes to all of their concerts. He likes things with a lot of texture.
Rhinna is 9 years old and pretty happy that she is going to live with her dad - mom is always living in hotel rooms and that is no fun - you can't play there and people get really angry if you break something by accident. Dad never gets angry then she break something - and she is pretty clumsy so it happens sometimes. Her teddy don't mind either as long as he can sleep in her bed - otherwise he can't sleep. Then she is with mom, people always talk to her as if she were a baby - and really she is 9! not some crying  snotty baby, and they keep giving her dolls - what can you use dolls for? She is much more into her games - like Boxing cat - it is like the most awesome game ever!

The Sims 3

[Image: Screenshot-96.jpg]

As you might have guessed, Jamie and Amanda Fischer are very much in love. They got married a few month back and bought the house together. Now Amanda thinks she might be expecting a bundle of joy.
Amanda is very artistic and she loves to do little DIY projects like making over an old dated chest of drawers in vibrant colours. She is very much in touch with her inner child. There is nothing she loves more than reading a good book, cocoa and a cookie. Amanda is aspiring to become a known children's book author some day, so she practices her writing and drawing skills whenever she gets a chance. She just adores hot pink and indie rock. Amanda's childish side really compliments Jamie's sense of humour. He believes that a house needs personality and things that makes you smile. Jamie is a really smooth guy with tons of charisma and he loves to party. His friends are really important to him, so even though he might be starting a family now - there has to be room for his friends. That is not to say that he isn't family orientated, because he is - very much in fact. He can't wait to see his babies all over the house - just think of the birthdays he can host for them! Jamie's favourite colour is turquoise.

Download Fischer household

The floorplan
[Image: 01-17-16_12-20-41%C2%A0PM.png]

[Image: 01-17-16_12-20-45%C2%A0PM.png]

[Image: 01-17-16_12-20-48%C2%A0PM.png]

The Sims 4
The Sims 3
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

The Sims 2
looking good
I seem to remember that rooftop. Lol
It is from issue 4! I thought it would be fun to do the challenge again with a new spin... now that it isn't 2008 anymore
It was issue#3...Even longer ago. Wink  I love the sims we can pick from!
It's a very interesting idea to decorate a house for concrete sims. Like you have an order as a designer. I'd like to ask if we can use CC? I understood that we need to leave windows and walls as they are but can add walls and fences, right? For TS3 everyone need to build own house?
You can use all the CC you want! And you can change anything but the outer layout of the flat and roof terrace.
And yes for sims 3, right now you need to build your own house. But I am putting the floor plans up i a little bit. If anyone want to build and upload the house they are very welcome to - I am just not feeling like sims 3 right now.
Thanks Mac!  I was going to ask if you had floorplans floating around somewhere for Sims 3 players to build their own. Smile
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