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LivingSims Forum - Feedback Issue 39

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Full Version: Feedback Issue 39
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What were your favourite articles?

Which ad did you like best?
Is there anything you would like to see more of?
Do you miss any article series?
Anything else?
Every enjoyable!! I always love oogling at the pictures Smile As usual everyone has such beautiful photography and creative design aesthetic.

Am I missing the finds for the sims 4 though?
Rather than hold the issue up further, we released it without finds for Sims 3 or Sims 4. Hopefully we'll have jumbo-sized finds articles for the next issue Smile
I hope, too, that there are more finds next time! I understand things get crazy though. The whole issue was so good you almost don't miss them.

As for my favorite articles, I really loved the Ask Dina this past issue. You almost rarely see laundry rooms, and most real life laundry rooms are just barren except the washer, dryer, maybe a rack, and hampers. Come to think of it the only real life laundry room I've ever seen decorated much is my grandmother's. haha! Mine certainly isn't decorated. Unless you count the dryer lint my hubs puts on top of the dryer as a decoration. (drives me nuts.) Anyway. The pictures were gorgeous, and the tips Dina had made me want to build more laundry rooms in my sim houses. Normally I don't because Sims are gross when it comes to doing laundry, but maybe I'd forgive them for leaving their clothes on the floor of the patio if they had a cute place to chuck it all!

Also, as a graphic design student, you know I'd love the color theory article! It helps people to understand the reasons behind colors going together so that when they use a color wheel, either real life or online, or even on the Sims 3's create-a-style, one can kind of understand where to pull colors from. That article was a good one to have in the issue and I enjoyed it!