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LivingSims Forum - Deskspace (Closes December 31rd)

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Full Version: Deskspace (Closes December 31rd)
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[Image: Deskspace.png]

"If your desk isn't cluttered, you probably aren't doing your job."
Harold S. Geneen

A desk is an interesting place, it is both a place of great inspiration and wonders but at the same time a place of mindnumbing work and the worst of frustrations. Having one that suits you helps to give you more of the first and less of the second sort.

The Task
Decorate a desk area for a sim. It can be a computer area, a architect worktable, a designers chaotic work-space or what-ever else you can come up with. It might even be a recreation of your own desk - or the desk you dream of having.

Since this a small task, this would be a good opportunity to practice your photographer skills on some close of of interesting details or cool vingettes. 

The Rules
  • Maximum 10 pictures per entry. Minimum 3. You may link to more in an album
  • Pictures may be no more then 800 pixel wide
  • State which game you are using. TS2, TS3, TS4
  • Have fun: Remember this is a challenge not a contest
  • The forum's Challenge & Contest Rules also apply

Remember to add Heidy in your post if you want detailed feedback on what works and what doesn't.

This challenge will close: 3/12 2016

The Sims 4

The Sims 3

The Sims 2
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
Love this challenge, Mac!
Oh my gosh Mac I love this challenge! This is another quickish one I can do to decompress from job hunting. I love the smaller challenges about this time of year. I'll make sure to get one or two done! I mean if I can.
It didn't really turn out as expected, but I did something (and in under two hours): a small nook made into an office space so you can work undisturbed without feeling totally secluded thanks to the big windows giving onto the livingroom.

[Image: Screenshot-1765.png]

[Image: Screenshot-1766.png]

[Image: Screenshot-1767.png]

[Image: Screenshot-1768.png]

[Image: Screenshot-1771.png]

[Image: Screenshot-1773.png]

[Image: Screenshot-1774.png]

[Image: Screenshot-1775.png]

[Image: Screenshot-1778.png]

Heidy as always
I created the desk I'd wish to have with Sims 4...
or should I say I created it where I'd wish to have it  Sun

Hope you like it!

[Image: 07.09.16_00-02-30.png]

[Image: 07.09.16_00-02-58.png]

[Image: 06.09.16_23-51-21.png]

[Image: 06.09.16_23-52-10.png]

[Image: 06.09.16_23-52-52.png]

[Image: 06.09.16_23-53-13.png]

[Image: 06.09.16_23-55-50.png]

[Image: 06.09.16_23-56-11.png]

[Image: 06.09.16_23-55-34.png]
Ziva & Gooseberry - I love them both! They're so detailed, and you can really get a sense of the owner from the little clues you've provided.
Ziva - That's a great little office nook.  It feels very cozy in there - and I love all the shelving and storage you've managed to get into that space.  Great job Yes 

gooseberry - What a beautiful spot for a desk!  I don't know how much work I'd get done, but I'd enjoy every minute I spent there! Clap
Ziva -- I'd love to do all my work in a space like that! I love the license plates on the wall, and how it seems to be themed around places the owner has traveled? (The Nashville and San Francisco signs as well as the car plates. Fun fact, I used to live in Nashville. It's amazing.) Anyway! I would probably tap on the window as people walked past and scare the heck out of them. That's an awesome space you've come up with, and I can't believe you did that in two hours!

gooseberry -- Do I spy an adult sized sandbox with lounge chairs? I hope I do. I agree with Allears though, I'd never get any work done there; I'd be dreaming about swimming in the pool. This was a really creative space to put a little home office in. It's just beautiful!
Great pictures Ziva and gooseberry.
Ziva your desk looks quite organised compared to my RL desk it's beautifully done.
Gooseberry I think if I lived in the house I wouldn't be sitting at my desk at all, your pictures are so clear and sharp.

I tried to recreate my actual desk for this which is disgracefully clutter and I have four cats who constantly walk all over it. One actually likes to sit in front of the screen.

Only a few pictures for this created in TS4.

[Image: tJGmicp.png]

[Image: hoIR1wr.png]

[Image: zlXBtax.png]

[Image: 08YV0RF.png]
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