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Full Version: Design Style: Vintage
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[Image: vintage.jpg]

It's time to get eclectic, matching old with new, luxe with humble, showy with quite. The trick is finding a balance between the mix of design elements and not just throwing random bits of everything in a room. Check out this great article on the Eclectic Style

The Task
Research the style before you start and decorate any room you want (residential, commercial or garden) in Eclectic.

Consider giving at least two other people in the challenge feedback on their entry

The Style
Keywords: Unique, Harmony, Not Random, Common color/texture/shape or finish
Read more about the style in the Design Style area
Check out this Pinterest board for more inspiration

The Rules
  • You may decorate any room type you want
  • The room must be in Eclectic style
  • There is no budget
  • State which game you are using. TS2, TS3, TS4
  • Max 10 pictures per entry. You may link to more in an album
  • Pictures may be no more than 800 pixel wide
  • You may enter as many times as you wish
  • Have fun: Remember this is a challenge not a contest

Put [Image: heidy.gif] in your post if you want detailed feedback on your pictures, rooms and style.


Participation Prize:

The Sims 4
  • ...

The Sims 3
  • ...

The Sims 2
  • ...