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Full Version: Love is All You Need - Round 2 SCORES ARE POSTED
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[Image: bzuSjKL.jpg]

Deadline: 1st of March 23.59 UTC/GMT

Each round in this contest will be all about an aspect of love with a picture to inspire your design. The second round will be about "storge" or familial love. What is familiar/familial love? Familial Love  comes from the Greek word of natural affections. It covers the loves of parents toward offspring, between family members or between pets and owners.

The picture:
[Image: ljJ2CxV.jpg]

The task
  • Choose a room or outdoor area to design.
  • Decorate your room in a way that conveys storgic/familial love.
  • Think about the inspiration picture and where it leads you.
  • Maximum room size: 40 squares

1st of March, 23:49 UTC/GMT Time

Reminder:  This contest is all about the designated areas within your 40 square limit. You can do anything you'd like with space outside of that area, but it should not be a main focus of any of the submitted pictures. That said, the background of your pictures should not be empty as it could detract from your decorating.
Oh, it looks like I'm first again. I struggled with this and in the end decided on a bedroom that parents share with their new baby.

[Image: sTDeJFD.png]

[Image: GSaPfeb.png]

[Image: PTWX1kp.png]

[Image: WtKBQnw.png]

[Image: GMiUmwX.png]

[Image: 9IwFqfI.png]

[Image: ov7wBr1.png]
Its a girl! I decided to make a toddler room since their baby grew up.
Sims 4

[Image: 1_zpsm1ark7g7.jpg]

[Image: 2_zpsckbwk4to.jpg]

[Image: 3_zpstcrjiuwp.jpg]

[Image: 4_zpska2bq4li.jpg]

[Image: 5_zpsl4qm3ygj.jpg]

[Image: 6_zpsscqowkkp.jpg]

[Image: 7_zpsycvpc5y3.jpg]

[Image: 8_zpshf38aqy0.jpg]
Nursery...Sims2 Happy

[Image: 01_3.jpg]

[Image: 02_3.jpg]

[Image: 03_3.jpg]

[Image: 04_3.jpg]

[Image: 05_2.jpg]

[Image: 06_1.jpg]

[Image: 07_1.jpg]

[Image: 08_1.jpg]
For this round, I decided to do a family room, full of toys, pillows, coziness and love. I wanted to show a place where a family would spend most of their time in it. Where mommy could play with her little baby while she watches a TV show and the older child could play with their toys.

It's sims 4, please tell me your feedback.  Heidy

The song for this room:

Upper view.

[Image: tumblr_om4d07Liej1uqwrqao9_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_om4d07Liej1uqwrqao1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_om4d07Liej1uqwrqao2_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_om4d07Liej1uqwrqao3_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_om4d07Liej1uqwrqao6_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_om4d07Liej1uqwrqao7_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_om4d07Liej1uqwrqao5_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_om4d07Liej1uqwrqao4_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_om4d07Liej1uqwrqao8_1280.jpg]

Heart  Coffee  Heart
Because I enjoy it so much to sit together with the whole family eating and talking and laughing and sharing feelings and experiences I decided to decorate a table for a dinner in the family garden. Sims 4

[Image: 1.png]

[Image: 2.png]

[Image: 3.png]

[Image: 4.png]

[Image: 5.png]

[Image: 6.png]

[Image: 7.png]

[Image: 8.png]

[Image: 9.png]
Thank you for your lovely entries! Scores will be posted ASAP. Round 3 will be the final, and we look forward to seeing your creative interpretations of the theme :D
Thank you for your amazing entries! It's always difficult to assign scores when it's obvious how much thought and planning goes into your designs. But here goes...

Our judges' favorite photos were:

[Image: tumblr_om4d07Liej1uqwrqao1_1280.jpg]

[Image: 8_zpshf38aqy0.jpg]

[Image: 3_zpstcrjiuwp.jpg]
AND the Overall Scores:



This means that Viikiita, SweetCaffeine and Gooseberry are on to the 3rd round. Ivyrose and Riekus13, you are invited to share your Round 3 designs in the Just for Fun thread.

Thank you to all our participants, and good luck to Round 3 competitors! Remember, scores are not cumulative, so it's anyone's round to win Smile
Well done Viiikita, sweet caffeine and gooseberry