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Full Version: [FOUND] Martine's Cottonwood Hills WCIF: Tesla Research Facility, Pt1
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I've always loved Martine's Cottonwood Hills world and the gorgeous builds she has done for them. Unfortunately, she has not been able to continue support or answer WCIFs for that world for quite some time, while at the same time, I know a lot of people including myself would probably like to have a comprehensive list to refer to, rather than do the sleuthing themselves or comb through all the disparate WCIF posts on her main blog.

So, with Martine's generous permission, I've taken it upon myself to assemble comprehensive WCIFs for her Cottonwood Hills buildings, or as many of them as I can manage, anyway, and post the results on my simblr.

For purely selfish reasons, the first lot I've decided to post about in the the WCIF series is the Tesla Research Facility. I've found most everything else that is used in this build, but I still have a few stragglers that I cannot locate for the life of me.

I have all EPs installed, but no stuff packs... I do have Master Suite and Diesel, but I am quite sure that nothing was used from either of those packs, so it's entirely possible that some of the things that I am looking for are from Stuff Packs.

Normally, I don't at all mind people asking their own questions when other people post WCIFs (I do it too), and the forum rules themselves say that hijacking is allowed, but since I will be posting each WCIF publicly on my own simblr once it is complete, I would like to please ask that the hijacking be kept to a minimum, just to make things go easier and quicker. I am only asking here about items that I have not managed to locate on my own, so if I am not asking about it, you can assume I already know and will be soon be sharing anyway!

And I will definitely post an update here as soon I am done!

[Image: VeTysYtcsk5oiC9oPUarl1uKNY84dsDQNCDzlXG8...12-h288-no]

1. Pencil holders, (used throughout the facility). FOUND, here at T$R. (From the Linea Natura Kid's Room set by BuffSumm.)
2. Neon highlighter markers. FOUND, here at T$R. (From the Lilith Teen Room set by Spacesims).
3. Clipboard. FOUND, here at Around The Sims 3 ("bowling scorebook").

[Image: oU2RtWMjVtToQpQDT3fJmyS5i0TtO_EmLf2ugv2x...51-h366-no]

4. Glass-topped desk FOUND, at Around the Sims 3, evidently it is a separate item from the cabinet module, which has NOT been found. Judging from the fact that it gets replaced with the BG ivy ball thingy, it seems to be a deco item FOUND, at ILTS's simblr. Used throughout the facility: High-Priority!

[Image: stZhlsdYmt2gie73-W-4cOz1s2HzpSQPgVCZqdg2...95-h447-no]

5. Decorative computer being assembled. FOUND, sorta. This is from one of the EPs, it turns out.
6. Rocket decor. FOUND, sorta. This is also from an EP.
7. Swivel chairs (used throughout). FOUND, from the Collection Stancke set from the Store ("Everybody Vauntz" chair).

[Image: ykEv5Czcc-_Md2sEON14PQM8Ah0675BGO37Klx0v...96-h168-no]

8. Wall Signs (No Smoking / Alien Alert / Biohazard / Surveillance On). FOUND, here.

[Image: HcdhFoiXqKhh1VCrfMU3LI8_heAHR0bq6S6XuWZ5...16-h346-no]

9. Binder deco, one lying down, one standing. I initially thought these were two separate items, but they may actually be a single mesh. I've tried both Nynaeve's binders from the d'Anconia Home Office set and BuffSumm's Audrey Office binders, but neither of them were it, apparently. FOUND, in Galadrielh's
Simply Nature Office Set
. (Galadrielh has since taken down her website and all her download links, so the link is to the MS3B page.)

[Image: KQDDSjymIGaDOpqIz_22pAyFZozD75fHyQuHp1up...61-h129-no]

10. Books resting on the dresser. FOUND, here: "Books Collections" in the "Books & Co" set (at the bottom of the page).
I believe number 4., glass desk is dinning table called wolff-table from Around the sims 3.
(05-26-2017, 05:37 PM)macanderson Wrote: [ -> ]hello.
I believe number 4., glass desk is dinning table called wolff-table from Around the sims 3.

Thank you for that! I scoured Sandy's site, so I don't know how I missed that!

I guess the next order of business would be finding the little cabinet under the desk, then.
Hi, number 7. Swivel chair is an EA item and can be found here:

It's the "Everybody Vauntz" chair, part of the "Collectionne Stancke" Set Smile
Binders look like object number nine in the first set here: galadrielh