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Full Version: My cheat console box won't open!
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So I use the cheats especially move objects on, but the past two days when I've pressed ctrl-shift-c, the console box won't open!

I've removed all CC, I've uninstalled and reinstalled, does anybody know what is going on with my game, because it's driving me nuts! I want to do certain designing stuff, and I can't do anything!
That sounds like something else is being triggered by the code, or something has overridden that particular set of hotkeys. Have you installed anything new lately on your computer? Anything at all, but I'm thinking especially things like chat overlays (often those come with a new video card, as streaming has become a bigger thing for gamers).
Well after a lot of experimenting and googling, I've found that if I hold the enter key as well, THEN I can open the console box, but it happened just out of the blue. I don't THINK I've installed anything new. :/ Except maybe windows updates?

ETA - not the enter key, the windows key
... The WINDOWS key? That's the weirdest thing EVER, wow! I'm glad you have a solution, but that makes no sense whatsoever. Unless... I think the problem is with your keyboard. The Windows key is right next to the CTRL key, after all. Do you have an old keyboard, or one you can borrow? I bet the problem's your keyboard.