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Full Version: Fantasy 2.0
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Loving Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, faries or that dark, sad wizard in your head? Then you are in the right spot!
This challenge is about fantasy can be a common Snow White, The Golden Compass or Avatar...or the very private personal one that goes on in your mind. Well, go ahead and show us what is only possible in dreams and tales...

The Task
Pick a fantasy story (or invent your own one) and decorate a room or outdoor space inspired by it. Tell us - shortly or extensively - what your story is or what you've been inspired by.

The Rules
  • Max 10 pictures per entry. You may link to more in an album.
  • Pictures may be no more then 800 pixels wide.
  • You may enter 3 times.
  • For each entry you have to pick another theme.  
  • Don't forget to tell us about what inspired you.
  • Have fun and let your imagination go wild!
Participation Price
We are looking for a participation prize

This challenge closes:  November 4th 

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Uh this look so fun!
The Witcher - Sims2

I played the witcher 3 and I totally fell in love with the I decided to read the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski on which the games are based. And they are amazing!

This is Geralts room in Novigrad...he needed some place to brew his potions and oils and the occasional woohoo. Wink

[Image: x9s05Fh.jpg]

[Image: s4DlNjO.jpg]

[Image: SuCvqYx.jpg]

[Image: MeIX92y.jpg]

[Image: 6leA7y7.jpg]

[Image: OIbHUVN.jpg]

[Image: 0CQJniY.jpg]
That is such a cool space, ! I love the dark, heavy wood paneling and potion-making supplies.  

I decided to make Rapunzel's tower from the Grimm's fairytale. I was always fascinated with this tale growing up and wondered what she would do all alone up in the tower. In my fantasy interpretation, she does a lot of reading and tries to keep herself beautiful in case she's ever rescued. Heidy

[Image: 8hJnBPz.png?1]

[Image: xUQj5LO.png?1]

[Image: Is1sfi8.png]

[Image: iIRHbB6.png]

[Image: VRZOJPH.png]

[Image: ltRfdu3.png]

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[Image: gDGmMLZ.png]

[Image: 2h28Lc1.png?1]
riekus13 - I really like the dark atmosphere of the room.  It suits the story very well.

kitkat - I love your imaginative tower!  Although if I was her, I wouldn't be so anxious to be rescued - that tower is charming.
Love that room! I can definitely see it as Geralt's, even though I haven't played much of those games, but I recognized the style immediately! It was a neat idea to light up the potion-making area the way you did.

I agree with Allears; if I were Rapunzel I'd probably say "Nope, don't need rescuing. It's nice here." I love that the space is really elegant but the cracks in the walls cue you in to the fact that there could be a prisoner in there!