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Full Version: SimFansUK Update - August 2017
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Creating New Eyes For Sims 2 Using An Image:

Easy Modern - Base Game, No CC:

[Image: easy-modern.jpg]

Gated Gothic - Base Game:

[Image: gated-gothic.jpg]

Gothic Curtain Recolours:

[Image: gothic-curtains.jpg]

27 Movie Posters - New Mesh

[Image: movie-postes.jpg]

Multi Modern - Base Game, No CC:

[Image: multi-modern.jpg]

Transparent Curtain Recolours:

[Image: net-curtains.jpg]

Snake Eyes:

[Image: snake-eyes.jpg]

Summer View - Base Game:

[Image: summer-view.jpg]

Town Centre:

[Image: town-centre.jpg]

Installing Sims & Packs On Windows 10 64-bit:

[Image: windows10.jpg][url=]