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Full Version: another large psuedodigs WCIF
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I did another one of these a while back, but now I want more things lol (and may possibly want even more things not too far in the future). So here we go.

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co5_1280.jpg]

1. Monstera plant
2. Hand statue
3. Geometric shelf

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co6_1280.jpg]

4. Fiddle leaf fig tree
5. Door

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co7_1280.jpg]

6. Table

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co2_1280.jpg]

7. Stick plant
8. Rubber tree

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co3_1280.jpg]

9. Desk chair

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co1_1280.jpg]

10. Chair
11. Plant in vase

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co4_1280.jpg]

12. Brick pattern

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co8_1280.jpg]

13. Candle holder
14. Ice bucket
12 Hydroxide Tumbled Brick Pattern
2. hand models here

3. west elm shelf here

4. theres 3 versions here  the planter is separate (modernica ceramics) here

5. door is here (no pics in the file its Door01 btw) 

9. desk chair here

10. egg chair here (scroll down a bit its in the set called FHModern)

11. plant here

13. crate&barrel candle here