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Full Version: Ugly Townie Sim Makeovers
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So we all know EA can come up with horrendous townies. I thought I would start a thread for making them over into something presentable.


[Image: tumblr_ozpb35tq6z1vod5o8o1_540.jpg]

Lilly-Bo Chique has driven me crazy ever since I first saw her running around Bridgeport. I don’t know what made EA think that they needed to make a sim with her wardrobe but something. Couldn’t have been anything good.

I have finally gone into her household and given her a MASSIVE makeover. I felt like she would be the hipster/alt type after reading her background dream of wanting to be a big film director. This is what I came up with. I had to give her some major facial structure fixes (because EA doesn’t know how to chill with the sliders) but I tried to keep her face similar to what the game originally had.


[Image: tumblr_ozpb35tq6z1vod5o8o4_540.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_ozpb35tq6z1vod5o8o5_540.jpg]
You did so well with this... can it be a sim? It was? Oh! I love that it's just her hair now that's crazy colored. I don't even know what EA expected us to think when they gave us Lilly-Bo Chique. Maybe they thought she was awesome! Maybe they were wrong! LOL! Love your makeover of her!
Oh whoops Beau Merrick is now the super good looking goth vampire he's supposed to be... (Again, I kept it similar to what EA had originally but his face was a CHALLENGE. I may have kept the red eyes but I wasn't keeping that weird hair.)

[Image: tumblr_p0cle5Ld6d1vod5o8o1_540.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_p0cle5Ld6d1vod5o8o2_540.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_p0cle5Ld6d1vod5o8o5_540.jpg]