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Full Version: Re-Introduction
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Hey all! I was cakedup once upon a time when i was playing TS3 - but that was years ago and i cant even get back into that account or email i used with it...buuuuut im back now playing MM ts4! woo
  • What part of the world are you from? - The US
  • What is your favorite colour? - Peachy pinks
  • What do you enjoy most about the Sims? - Creativity
  • How long have you played Sims? - Since The Sims
  • What is your favorite part of LivingSims Magazine? - N/A not read it in a long time tbh
  • Do you have Sims 2, 3 or 4 installed? - All of them
  • Are you a creator for the Sims? We would love to see some of your work. - Not anymore
  • What is your favorite site to download build/buy mode stuff from? - Tumblr tbh
  • How did you find the forum? - I honestly don't remember but i never forgot it
  • 3 random facts about you: - I got nothing lol
Welcome back! Sorry it is so quiet here, I just came back myself. I think most have moved on to other things.