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LivingSims Forum - [FOUND] Martine's Cottonwood Hills WCIF: Beach Boardwalk + Film Studio

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Full Version: [FOUND] Martine's Cottonwood Hills WCIF: Beach Boardwalk + Film Studio
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1. This 2t3 conversion of the Seasons "Golden Skull of Jumbok IV" career reward statuette.

[Image: MtbwODGktW-mFZ9eFBq7Y4_oOhhBJkm-kuQ_xmew...73-h231-no]

This was actually a Store item, part of their first Tiki set.

2. This 2t3 conversion of the OFB Diver statue.

[Image: gF6JOXu3hXM2N5PdP4C8fGvGK91wWITjc-0dUyzo...61-h214-no]

No wonder it took me so long to find this (and when I did, it was on accident), it's by Blacksweety, whose site went down ages ago. It takes a bit of poking, but it's definitely included in this rar of their old creations, backed up at Simscave.

3. This wicker chest / box / linen storage trunk:

[Image: UrsXMxZ30NWwA0dzNdMXzqSRZhIYDEO1wIsOzUkr...93-h144-no]

Found, from the "Classic Nursery" set by Angela. You can find the item on TSR, here, but it's been revamped from the version that Martine used and which the preview picture for the item itself still shows. In my opinion it's become a bit uglier (as the shadows are much too assertive and the mesh has become a little TOO rounded, you can see it in the preview picture for the entire set) and it has a different instance id. So where can you go to get the original version? Good news, I found it on the booty. Not providing a direct link, just to be safe, but you know where to look Wink

4. The glass next to this water bottle (though now that I look at it again, it seems to be TWO glasses, possibly within the same mesh).

[Image: HLTecRdSMG3BxmRrghTBr9uCWQos4EF0459Ke98z...98-h149-no]
[Image: 4EkJhx_sCjoHrEhGwR9s0wwm4RMcvlQxJFAfYXsO...42-h113-no]

Found, at SIMcredible (7th Anniversary)

5. These hanging pennants / flag garland:

[Image: 5W0AHctJHVtdzmLo8tjd1dKGDg9EXAUi3EZXN93A...85-h214-no]

Found, by VitaSims here.

6. This open suitcase (oh hey, there's #2 as well!)

[Image: SYCCL4PHJdywRJBp50-cjjMfuae295QyAS8XGnpc...44-h182-no]

FOUND, probably: here... it doesn't replace the original version, but that seems to be fairly common with the Bioshock conversions by Veritas.

7. This clipboard:

[Image: lLX_It_q-3g5JwV-_lgE5aT9fnWQqlUlaEimzop0...28-h182-no]

Found, in this set. Not shown, but included, just as TurtleEdna said.

8. This palm tree, except I think it might actually be a flat "cardboard cutout" prop in the shape of a palm tree, like the "cow" from Riverview or the sasquatch that came with Pets.

[Image: xNw__PP5EreTPG6lXP-8t8KaP5tUXUVvWG6x3W8Q...56-h277-no]

The reasons I think this are that 1) the texture is a little TOO flat and neat to feel 3D, even taking Martine's editing style into account, and 2) the fronds of not only the tree itself, but also the ferns at its base are seen at exactly the same angle in all screenshots.

Found, at JenniSims

9. This buffet table, which looks to be the BG buffet table with the flowers removed or perhaps a conversion from TS2. Ordinarily I wouldn't bother posting a WCIF for a generic item like this, but because in this case the table acts as support for a whole bunch of clutter items, it's really messing with the setup to not have this exact item in my own game.

Found, by OneBillionPixels here

10. The pastries on the middle tray, with or without their plate.

[Image: hdh66aB9lKfMctpg5RhGcnGH952NRewUWUie92gr...79-h382-no]

Found: it's an old JenniSims conversion. You can't find it on their site anymore, but you can use Wayback Machine to follow the links from MS3B (link here)
I've got:

5. Maybe
7. Here, I don't think it is visible in the pictures, but inside of zip it's called file holder


EDIT 2: 4. Big maybe for paper cups in 2. set (7th Anni) at Simcredible

EDIT 3: 8. Jennisims