My Awards
Name Description Award
Ask a question for Bella, Dina or Andy The bear is sad because decorating is hard Ask a question for Bella, Dina or Andy
Ad Man Creates advertisments for the LivingSims Magazine on a regular basic Ad Man
Beginner's Luck Took the first steps to becoming a good decorator by taking part in a Beginner's Luck Challenge Beginner's Luck
Challenge Host Hosted a Challenge Challenge Host
Challenge Crazy Completed 1 "Challenge me to" Challenge in all 3 CMTs (in 1 round) Challenge Crazy
Contest Winner Won an official LivingSims Contest Contest Winner
Prize Donator Donated a Participation Prize to a Challenge or Contest Prize Donator
Featured Featured in the LivingSims Magazine Featured
Feedbacker Is amazing at giving good feedback and comments Feedbacker
Hoarder Is a finder of great finds Hoarder
Great Builder Posts wonderful pictures of interestings builds Great Builder
Great Gardener Posts wonderful pictures of flourishing gardens Great Gardener
New Friend Introduced themselves on the Forum New Friend
Layouter Creates layouts for the LivingSims Magazine Layouter
LS Extra Staffer Worked on the LS Extra Magazine LS Extra Staffer
Sending Love Nominated someone for Photographer of the Week/Month Sending Love
Organizer Is a moderator on the Forum - they help us do the housekeeping - wonderful people! Organizer
Party Animal Helps to keep the Forum fun! Party Animal
Photographer Takes photographs for the LivingSims Magazine Photographer
Holiday Spirit Taking part in a holiday themed challenge Holiday Spirit
Photographer of the Week Photographer of the Week (Retired) Photographer of the Week
Proofreader Proofreads for the LivingSims Magazine Proofreader
Stir Crazy Is constantly on the Forum; fresh air is for sissies! Stir Crazy
Storyteller Posts wonderfully written stories Storyteller
Tech Suport Is always ready to help other people with their technical (game) issues Tech Suport
Topic Starter Starts new and interesting topics outside the Off Topic area Topic Starter
Carebear Is always helpful, nice and makes everything better Carebear
Tutorial Writer Has written a Tutorial or a helpful topic on the Forum Tutorial Writer
Very helpful Is always ready to help everyone out Very helpful
WCIF Master Is always willing to help others find those sought-after items WCIF Master
Writer Writes articles for the LivingSims Magazine Writer
Birthday Wisher Birthday Wisher
Retired Moderator Retired Moderator Retired Moderator
Social Butterfly Frequently participates in the Off Topic area Social Butterfly
Challenge Master Participated once in all open Challenges in one cycle (RETIRED) Challenge Master
Challenge Guru Completed 3 "Challenge me to" Challenges in all 3 CMTs Challenge Guru
Color Lover Participated three times in the 3 Colors Challenge Color Lover
Chatty Cathy Frequently gives shouts in the Shoutbox Chatty Cathy
Thank Machine Frequently hits the Thanks button to thank others Thank Machine
Llama Designer Asked a design question Llama Designer
Treasure Hunter Participated in the great Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunter
Being Brave Has been brave and entered a Contest Being Brave
Landscapes Galore Posts wonderful pictures of breathtaking landscapes Landscapes Galore
Beginner Builders Took the first steps to becoming a good builder by taking part in a Beginner's Builders Challenge Beginner Builders
Design Styler Participated in the Design Style area by posting their sim interpretation of a Design Style Design Styler
Wish Fulfiller Granted a wish in the CC Wish area Wish Fulfiller
Donator Has been generous enough to donate to the LivingSims website Donator
Freelancer Helps out with the LivingSims Magazine every now and then Freelancer
Retired Staffer Used to work for the Magazine but has now retired Retired Staffer
Silver Staffer Has been a part of the LivingSims Magazine for 5+ issues Silver Staffer
Gold Staffer Has been a part of the LivingSims Magazine for 10+ issues Gold Staffer
Challenge Rocketeer Completed 3 "Challenge me to" Challenges in one CMT (in 1 round) Challenge Rocketeer
I Do Participated in a wedding-related Challenge I Do
Child Friendly Participated in a children-related Challenge Child Friendly
Take me Away Participated in a vacation-related Challenge Take me Away
Sound of Music Participated in the Sound of Music Callenge Sound of Music
Based in Fiction Participated in a fiction-related Challenge; where entries are based on stories, films, images, art or books Based in Fiction
Great Chef Participated in a kitchen- or food-related Challenge Great Chef
Small Quarters Participated in a small quarters Challenge Small Quarters
Dorm Crazy Participated in a dorm-related Challenge Dorm Crazy
Count Them: 1, 2, 3 Participated three times in the same Challenge Count Them: 1, 2, 3
Time Traveller Participated in a time travelling-related Challenge Time Traveller
Clock Racer Participated in a timed Challenge Clock Racer
Pet Person Participated in a pets-related Challenge Pet Person
And unicorns Participated in a fantasy-related Challenge And unicorns
Deck the Halls Participated in a winter holiday-related Challenge Deck the Halls
Copy Cat Participated in a Mirror Mirror challenge Copy Cat
Photographer of the Month Photographer of the Month Photographer of the Month
EP Monster Sharing pictures from the new EP so the rest of us can be green with envy EP Monster
Raised from the Dead Has come back to the forum after being gone for quite some time and is now sayning hi again. Raised from the Dead
Mini Me Share a self sim Mini Me
Dance the night away Take part in a challenge of builiding/decorating a night club Dance the night away
It's Show Time! Take part in a challenge of builiding/decorating a show venue It's Show Time!
Dine out Take part in a challenge of builiding/decorating a resturant Dine out
Eco Friendly Participated in a eco friendly challenge Eco Friendly
EA are you kidding? Participated in Maxis Mayhem - fixing EA Madness EA are you kidding?
Forum Hero Jan to the rescue! Forum Hero
Judgecorn judges, rar mystical creatures... they like apples Judgecorn
Horse Lover participated in a horse-related challenge Horse Lover
On a Platter Participated in the Tablescape challenge On a Platter