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SweetCaffeine hyper cluttered decor - SweetCaffeine - 06-18-2015

Finally I'm creating a album here to put more of my places  Smile


To start, those are more shots from Blake's house from Make it masculine 2.0

[Image: blake%20home%202_zpssu9rzwjo.jpg]

[Image: blake%20home%203_zpsigrbyo0k.jpg]

[Image: blake%20home%205_zpsk4stgg7o.jpg]

[Image: blake%20home%207_zpslaewj7oj.jpg]

[Image: blake%20home%208_zpsvmuwchya.jpg]

[Image: blake%20home%2011_zpsypl6e579.jpg]

[Image: blake%20home%2012_zpsld4vvkin.jpg]

[Image: blake%20home%2014_zpsfr3h5crp.jpg]

[Image: blake%20home%2020_zpsuv8owkfo.jpg]

[Image: blake%20home%2023_zpsdcye9hi6.jpg]

RE: SweetCaffeine hyper cluttered decor - macthekat - 06-18-2015

Looking great - I love the nautical style that isn't overdone

RE: SweetCaffeine hyper cluttered decor - SweetCaffeine - 06-25-2015

Thank you, Mac  Wink 

Those are more pics from the second apartment that I've done for Decorating Apartment Living.

[Image: eliza%20apto%2014_zpsqboja6ru.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%2015_zps06lbxv7g.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%2033_zpskwr89ffb.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%2017_zpsdstn555j.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%2019_zpslrglfib6.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%2020_zps11cexztd.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%2021_zpsb8jxfink.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%2023_zpswaazthxq.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%2026_zpsm6lgpzyc.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%2030_zpsropu6qnk.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%2031_zps67bdk5az.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%202_zps6bad9tji.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%208_zpsxxsqa5vc.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%2011_zpslqyft8v2.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%2013_zpsozc2zmtq.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%2010_zpspvurxr5t.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%206_zps1dvck8hi.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%205_zpsorzoprht.jpg]

[Image: eliza%20apto%201_zpscqentzpr.jpg]

RE: SweetCaffeine hyper cluttered decor - SweetCaffeine - 07-19-2015

2 extras shots from brave colors just for fun round 4.

[Image: magenta%20song%201_zps6brjbajs.jpg]

[Image: magenta%20song%209_zpsoy4njjti.jpg]

RE: SweetCaffeine hyper cluttered decor - SweetCaffeine - 07-27-2015

One more apartment.

This is Summer Duffay home, kind of eclectic apartment with a lot of orange and blue, from Apartment Living.

[Image: summer%20apto%2013_zpspnf9gbt2.jpg]

[Image: summer%20apto%2015_zpsm0oyko5y.jpg]

[Image: summer%20apto%2016_zpst0p1hj2j.jpg]

[Image: summer%20apto%2022_zpsdddjcxqg.jpg]

[Image: summer%20apto%2021_zpsxiek0vzy.jpg]

[Image: summer%20apto%2019_zpskgg4bwbd.jpg]

[Image: summer%20apto%2023_zpstim0l1rp.jpg]

[Image: summer%20apto%2011_zpsfk8xjukw.jpg]

[Image: summer%20apto%204_zpsxtnmqjvs.jpg]

[Image: summer%20apto%203_zps7fdh8b5t.jpg]

[Image: summer%20apto%207_zpsbhj7s8su.jpg]

[Image: summer%20apto%208_zpsmsex2cul.jpg]

[Image: summer%20apto%209_zpsnioez5ls.jpg]

RE: SweetCaffeine hyper cluttered decor - macthekat - 07-28-2015

SweetCaffeine that is beautiful!

RE: SweetCaffeine hyper cluttered decor - Zingaro - 07-28-2015

I absolute love the way you use colour.... ever time I see one of your post is like the tins of paint have exploded  Yes Yes

Beautiful!!!! Heart

RE: SweetCaffeine hyper cluttered decor - SweetCaffeine - 07-29-2015

Thank you Zing and Mac Heart Coffee
I get so happy that you guys like my rooms and homes. Smile

Here are more shots from Mrmiss living sims design firm challenge.

[Image: mrmiss%20basement%2019_zpsx0vo4isa.jpg]

[Image: mrmiss%20basement%2016_zpsuivgd3iw.jpg]

[Image: mrmiss%20basement%205_zpszg5ukj9c.jpg]

[Image: mrmiss%20basement%207_zps8kqvgjpe.jpg]

[Image: mrmiss%20basement%208_zpsbbhnkpg3.jpg]

[Image: mrmiss%20basement%2010_zpstreku6qk.jpg]

[Image: mrmiss%20basement%2011_zpssdrvtkqk.jpg]

[Image: mrmiss%20basement%2013_zpse7lp6qov.jpg]

[Image: mrmiss%20basement%202_zpsxe3gzzbw.jpg]

RE: SweetCaffeine hyper cluttered decor - BlueHopper - 08-02-2015

I really love what you did for @mrmiss in this challenge @SweetCaffeine. It's masculine, the layout is great, love the color palette, it's all very well done  Nod

RE: SweetCaffeine hyper cluttered decor - SweetCaffeine - 08-03-2015

Thanks, Blue. It took me a long time to put all together, dark colors are harder for me.