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Hey... let's catch up? - saywhat - 08-07-2017

Hi! I'm not sure if you guys even remember LOL Drunk (I'm cultsims on tumblr).

Oh damn, it's been a LONG time since I've been in here. Sorry to be gone for so long- I slowly moved away to tumblr, and since I've started doing CC, my interest in sims have become a bit delusional  dntknw 

Honestly I dont know where my brain is nowadays, and I'm in a bit of a rough patch in my life. I dont know if I'll be here to stay, but I just wanna say I'm so sorry for moving away from here and that you guys will always be my first home for sims 3 design and I'll never forget that.

i dont be another dead blogger, but I'll know when the time comes. The community just seems so lonely and competitive nowadays and the fun isnt going to come back to me for a while.

Heart love you guys xx  Heart

RE: Hey... let's catch up? - kitkat - 08-08-2017

Welcome back, stranger! Of course you're remembered here. Hope to see you share some of your designs again if you're up to it. It's good to have different Sims areas of interest to keep things fresh. You may not always be active in all areas of interest, but you can always come back to them when the mood strikes.

RE: Hey... let's catch up? - macthekat - 08-08-2017

Welcome back Saywhat! It is so good to see you on the forum again.

RE: Hey... let's catch up? - ThatAtlasChick - 11-03-2017

You were one of the people here when I joined in 2013.  So yeah, I remember you.