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Ugly Townie Sim Makeovers - ThatAtlasChick - 11-20-2017

So we all know EA can come up with horrendous townies. I thought I would start a thread for making them over into something presentable.


[Image: tumblr_ozpb35tq6z1vod5o8o1_540.jpg]

Lilly-Bo Chique has driven me crazy ever since I first saw her running around Bridgeport. I don’t know what made EA think that they needed to make a sim with her wardrobe but something. Couldn’t have been anything good.

I have finally gone into her household and given her a MASSIVE makeover. I felt like she would be the hipster/alt type after reading her background dream of wanting to be a big film director. This is what I came up with. I had to give her some major facial structure fixes (because EA doesn’t know how to chill with the sliders) but I tried to keep her face similar to what the game originally had.


[Image: tumblr_ozpb35tq6z1vod5o8o4_540.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_ozpb35tq6z1vod5o8o5_540.jpg]

RE: Ugly Townie Sim Makeovers - Nuclearwaffles - 11-20-2017

You did so well with this... can it be a sim? It was? Oh! I love that it's just her hair now that's crazy colored. I don't even know what EA expected us to think when they gave us Lilly-Bo Chique. Maybe they thought she was awesome! Maybe they were wrong! LOL! Love your makeover of her!

RE: Ugly Townie Sim Makeovers - ThatAtlasChick - 12-02-2017

Oh whoops Beau Merrick is now the super good looking goth vampire he's supposed to be... (Again, I kept it similar to what EA had originally but his face was a CHALLENGE. I may have kept the red eyes but I wasn't keeping that weird hair.)

[Image: tumblr_p0cle5Ld6d1vod5o8o1_540.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_p0cle5Ld6d1vod5o8o2_540.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_p0cle5Ld6d1vod5o8o5_540.jpg]