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spawners on buydebug - Iciloo - 02-17-2018

So I've been playing the sims and I'm on my 20th week. I've put animal spawners on my lot the first day (lizards, birds, turtles, snakes, rodents) but haven't gotten one throughout my entire time playing. The only spawners that work are ... well, the other ones, seeds, gems, fish, etc. But no animal spawners. It is getting frustrating because my sim's lifetime wish is a collector and my installed world doesn't have a lot of small animals. Any help? I also have a cat that can stalk for prey but she can't even find any birds or rodents.

RE: spawners on buydebug - KatCat - 04-10-2018

Sorry no one has replied. I've not played Sims 3 in a while but I seem to recall that the animal spawners need to be placed around your neighborhood as well. Maybe you edit the neighborhood and add them to the map and community lots.