another large psuedodigs WCIF
I did another one of these a while back, but now I want more things lol (and may possibly want even more things not too far in the future). So here we go.

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co5_1280.jpg]

1. Monstera plant
2. Hand statue
3. Geometric shelf

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co6_1280.jpg]

4. Fiddle leaf fig tree
5. Door

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co7_1280.jpg]

6. Table

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co2_1280.jpg]

7. Stick plant
8. Rubber tree

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co3_1280.jpg]

9. Desk chair

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co1_1280.jpg]

10. Chair
11. Plant in vase

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co4_1280.jpg]

12. Brick pattern

[Image: tumblr_owac9bSkde1ugrs0co8_1280.jpg]

13. Candle holder
14. Ice bucket
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