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General forum rules

These are the the rules that we do not look lightly at when broken
  • No kicking, biting, swearing or hair pulling. Play nice and treat fellow members with respect. Both in posts and in private messages (PM's).
    If you get a nasty private message, please forward it to Forum Moderator and we will take care of it.
  • We are an inclusive community and we do not tolerate any type of racist or sexist comments. We respect all people regardless of religion, race or sexual preference and respect all unique customs and cultures in our community.
  • You are only allowed one account. If you register multiple accounts these will be removed. If you are found to continually break this rule you will be permanently banned.
  • Please note that spam will be immediately deleted and result in a permanent ban from the forum. We consider linking to non-Sim related sites in random topics, your signature, bio or profile spamming.
  • Read the announcements on the forum and the main page, so that you know whats going on.
  • Pay attention to the different areas and their rules and make sure you post accordingly and within those rules.
  • Follow moderator recommendations. Moderators might edit your post to make it follow the technical guidelines, or they may ask you to change things. Please fix things as quickly as possible. After 48 hours a moderator may edit your post if you have not.
  • LivingSims is primarily an interior/exterior design magazine site and we do not run fashion competitions.
    You may however show your Sims pictures and talk about all Sims related things here.
  • Please keep non-Sim or design related topics to our off topic section.
  • No "discussions" about pay sites. Period!
    This includes file sharing sites that share pay and official site files. No sharing of pay or official site files on the forum. This is a legal issue and therefore non-negotiable.
  • Give credit where credit is due and always link to the original creator. Please do not link directly to other people's files but to the creators website instead. This go for both free and pay content.
    If a file is no longer available please contact the Forum Moderator before sharing it on this forum.
  • Do not claim other peoples work as your own. If you have a feeling someone has done so, please contact Forum Moderator.

Technical Rules

Help us keep the forum nice and tidy by trying to follow these rules. If you should slip in breaking these, it isn't too big a deal.
  • The maximum size limit of pictures is 800 pixels.
  • No post may have more than 10 images in it. If you want to show more, link to an album where you have placed the rest.
    The exception is in your own album or community updates where you are allowed to show as many pictures as you want.
  • If you want to see your image in the magazine, do not use borders, text or other heavy edits on the picture. Including image in image.
  • Please do not post the same picture in different threads.
  • Please do not double post besides in your own album or community updates.
    When posting a new message, or when answering to a challenge directly after your latest post, edit your message and add it in. If there aren't any posts for over 24 hours in that topic you can post again, but don't bump it.
  • No hot-linking! - If you don't know what hot-linking is, read THIS. Note: This rule applies to files as well.
    Upload pictures to your own host or website. People pay for their bandwidth and hot linking is seen as a crime. First time offense you will be warned immediately, second time you will be suspended.
    The ONLY section that allows any form of Hot Linking is the Where Can I Find: Magazine section.
  • Please do not quote people unless there is a very good reason to do so. Instead address the person by username or refer to the Post # in your response. Never include images in your quotes.
    Exception: Challenge entries that require you to quote the challenge you were given.
  • Please do not use unnecessary colored text, custom fonts, or excessive formatting when posting a regular post. Do not type in CAPS. This is the equivalent of yelling.
  • The maximum size limit of your avatar is 100x100 pixels.
  • If you have a question. Just ask.

Signature rules
  • Signature links must be Sim related. If you link to a non Sim related site we will assume you are an advertising bot.
  • Your signature can be no more then 800x200 pixels (including text). We prefer them smaller than this.
  • The maximum allowed size 250 kb - anything bigger slows the forum down too much.
  • We do not allow overly dominating signatures (no animations, no flashing, no glitter, no bright or neon colors). We do not want every topic to turn into a signature circus.
    Signatures - DO's & DONT's

What happens if I break a rule?
  • The first time you break a rule, a moderator will point out your mistake on your post and ask you to please correct it. You should then edit your post to fix the problem the moderator has pointed out.
  • If you break a rule again you will get a warning. Warnings go away after a period of time, depending on the rule you broke. The worst rule-breaks gives you a bigger and longer warning.
  • A warning is normally 10 % - if you get to 100 % warning points, then you will get suspended for a period of time. You can see your warning level under any of your own posts.
  • When you get officially warned, the moderator will send you a PM explaining why you were warned.
  • Hot-Linking is a whole different matter. The first time you are found hot-linking, you will be issued a 50% warning by a moderator. If you are found hot-linking again before your warning has expired your account will be suspended for one month effective immediately.
    This does not mean that you may not link to your own photo bucket (or other image host) as long as you link to your account and not to someone else's account.

Leaving the forum for good...

Now and again, for whatever the reason, people leave the forum. The staff respect people's wishes. However, please do not ask to have your account removed. When this is done all posts started by you are also deleted, including any links and pictures by you and other members. This creates a huge mess and major havoc in the topics area. It is, therefore, the policy of LivingSims that members that decide to leave will NOT have their accounts deleted. Should you wish to leave the forum please PM the Forum Moderator who will change your status to Inactive.

Other Rules
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