Poll: Which EP is your favourite?
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0 0%
Night Life
2 9.09%
Open For Business
3 13.64%
2 9.09%
8 36.36%
Bon Voyage
1 4.55%
0 0%
Apartment Life
6 27.27%
I like the basegame best without EPs
0 0%
Total 22 vote(s) 100%
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What's your favourite EP?
I don't think I could choose!
My top 3 are (and not in any particular order) NL, BV and FT.

I know that every time I must re-install Sims 2 (for one reason or another), those are the 3 EPs I would not want to do without!
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I'm the only one that voted for Bon Voyage...

No giggle
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I really miss playing sims2, I don't think I could pick a favourite expansion pack. I loved seasons, and Mansion & Garden as well  but I think the pack I used the most was apartments, I love apartments for some reason. I really miss the Open for Business pack as well...I just miss sims2 actually 
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University,Seasons,Freetime,Bon Voyage and Pets.
But I love all TS2 in fact I can't really choose this game is better if you can buy the complete collection as TS3.
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